Alberto Del Rio Announced For AAA's Triplemania XXII On Sunday

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AAA ring announcer Arturo Rivera Tweeted on Monday that Alberto Del Rio will appear at Triplemania XXII on Sunday. The show will air on iPPV head-to-head against WWE SummerSlam at Arena Ciudad de México in Mexico City, Mexico. The show will be available domestically in Mexico on regular pay-per-view.

Below is Rivera's announcement translated from Spanish to English:

EXCLUSIVE !!! Alberto del Rio, former WWE wrestler, AAA integrates, and debuts this Sunday Triplemanía XXII. Welcome home, figure

The announcement in its original format is available below:

This will be Del Rio's first appearance since being released from his WWE contract last Thursday.

Richard Reacts: I'm under the assumption that Alberto Del Rio has a 90-day non-compete clause from his WWE Performer's Contract, so it will be interesting to see how this works out. The fact Del Rio is looking to return to Mexico is of no surprise what-so-ever.

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  • Bob’s Diner

    Well… I’m surprised! 😉

  • Eddie Edwards

    Hey, how about a little love?

  • jman72485

    Good for him. I wish him the best

  • Guest666

    He wont be billed as Alberto Del Rio, will he? If they(WWE lawyers and such) even let him appear…

  • Moose

    How are the non-compete clauses enforced in other countries? I’m sure the WWE can sue him while in the States, but if he stays in Mexico, how can they enforce their contracts?

    • Nathen

      Good point. I’m not sure how that would work internationally, but some States in the US do not allow non-competes as they see them as preventing someone from getting work. There is a good chance Del Rio can work in a state like California and actually win if WWE tried to enforce the non-compete, since it is not enforceable in California.

      I wonder if the capitalization in the tweet is deliberate. Instead of Alberto Del Rio it was written as Alberto del Rio, not sure that is enough of a change to get by any potential trademark infringement.

  • Ant_C

    Maybe because he is in Mexico he is allowed to compete or use the Del Rio gimmick (though I think he would go back to the dos caras jr.) I’ve seen guys in AAA wrestle under WWE names. I know I saw Sean Waltman down there wrestle under X Pac. Pretty sure I have seen others too but he is the only one I can think of off the top of my head.