Alberto Del Rio Claims He Will Not Be Performing At Wrestlemania XXVIII

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Alberto Del Rio claimed during a promotional appearance in Puerto Rico that he will not be performing at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

He said there was originally plans for him to face Randy Orton then there were plans for him to be a member of Team Johnny in the 12-man tag team match. However, he said he is no longer in those plans.

As of this writing there is one spot remaining on each team and the rumored names to fill those spots were Rey Mysterio (Team Teddy) and Del Rio (Team Johnny).

  • Jashaun

    Wwe should do like a mystery superstar for each team

  • Joe O.

    Could he be saying that in kayfabe or do you really think he won’t be a part of Wrestlemania? I can’t see WWE leaving Del Rio off the card if he’s ready to go. Could it be that if Rey isn’t ready to go then they don’t want to put Del Rio on either?

  • Silver

    No disrespect intended to Del Rio, who is a good worker and solid on the mic, but do we even need him back? WWE gave him everything and he just did not get over when he wasn't feuding with Mysterio. Now, we have a loaded Wrestlemania card that is one of the best ever, my point being that Del Rio's absence has not had any negative impact.

    If I'm WWE and I'm looking for roster cuts, do I want to cut an unproven talent who may yet become huge, or a talent who was pushed several times and still couldn't draw? I'm not saying I have the answer to that, I'm just saying it poses an interesting question. I'm pretty positive Del Rio will not get cut, but I could understand if it did happen.


    Pfew… no del Rio vs. Orton, i rather see Kane vs. Orton
    or even better
    Orton vs. Tyler Reks or Tyson Kidd
    -just wishfull thinking-

  • H.M.

    It'd be pretty cool to see Lord Tensai aka A-Train aka Albert to make his return at WM 28 as member number 6. The only other plausible choices are the Miz and McIntyre atm(assuming Del Rio isn't pulling the Jericho 'throw off' card and just keeping his return a surprise).

  • Patrick_Peralta

    hmm first Jericho denieing he was coming back, then Prince Albert denieing he was coming back but he is under a new name and now Alberto… if recent History shows anything Alberto will be there in some way shape or form. If he doesn't that will be a suprise but if he does then no suprise at all…

    great start to 2012 people lieing about returning… they want a Real suprise how about not saying a dam thing then show up.. That would make it a suprise.

    • Logan_Walker

      Yeh We All Knew that Jericho was coming back even with them pics he was posting around different locations, Alberto is going to be on the 12 Man Tag Match there is just no denying that i think that with Kharma's Surprise Return at Royal Rumble that was good because it was not expected. but when wrestlers i mean superstars denie there come back thats when it gets stupid like when jericho was coming back they should of told him not to tweet but just link to a image with a ? that would of been something or he could of just not talked about it and been silent.

  • Jamie

    On Vince mcmahons personal Facebook he says that Del Rio will be a part of Team Johnny

    • H.M.

      u troll y

    • Logan_Walker

      I Dont Think that Vince has a Facebook account or a Twitter Account so False Information