Alberto Del Rio Claims To Have Legitimate Dislike For The Miz - Says He's Like A Little Girl

Alberto Del Rio made an appearance on 95.7 The Game in San Fransisco yesterday to promote tonight's Smackdown live event in San Francisco and was very candid in his comments. He said early in the interview he didn't like most of the boys in the locker room when asked if they hung-out outside of work.

Del Rio claimed to have legitimate hatred for The Miz and said he's tried to "punch him in the face" several times. He said The Miz "is like a little girl" and called him a "stupid little kid." One of the hosts agreed with him, saying he had the same opinion of The Miz when he was on their program. Del Rio concluded by saying The Miz didn't have many female fans because he is "fat and ugly."

So much for anti-bullying and Be-A-Star. You can listen to the full interview at

  • MMA

    He maybe ''didnt have many female fans'' but he is the Boyfriend of one of the World's Most Hottest Women

    • Van

      Maybe.But Maryse is the reason Miz has gotten all of this heat backstage.the WWE hasn't treated him as great as they did since Maryse said on camera that her release was Vince's loss.He was beat up by 5 people at once after every main event during the European Tour(one of them was Eve),being blamed for the buyrate for Survivor Series being down,and angry about the R-Truth botch eventhough Beth Phoenix botched that night as well by accidently giving Eve a bloody nose but didn't say anything about it to her.if you're a WWE superstar and you date a diva,your career will go downhill once they get released

      • havoc525

        You know, like Triple H and Chyna, or Undertaker and McCool…

        • Van

          I meant if they get on Vince's bad side & released
          McIntyre & Tiffany
          Morrison & Melina
          Miz & Maryse

          • XKonn247

            Melina wasn’t released. She saw out her contract. Miz didn’t have heve heat
            because of maryse.

          • Van

            then how ironic is it that Maryse says on camera "Vince McMahon.Your loss.Be sexy" and then Miz spends the entire European Tour getting his @$$ kicked by taking a combonation of finishers after the main event of every live event?

      • Steve

        You do realize someone nearly breaking their back is much more worse than a broken nose, right?

  • Anthony

    if del rio is serious then ya so much for the whole anti-bullying campaign. It makes the campaign look fake and shows a total lack of respect. Keep your opinions to yourself because your comments just crap all over the be a star. As much as i am all for the anti-bullying campaign, i find it very hard to believe the seriousness when you've seen guys like Jim Ross take an absolute beating from the remarks of michael cole and now a WWE star is making comments towards another wrestler.

  • Jennifer

    I’m so sick of people raggin on the hypocrisy with WWE and the Anti Bullying campaign. If a popular actor or actress plays a movie role where they are an irresponsible drunk, are they being hypocritical if they do an ad for M.A.D.D.? Of course not! Figure out the difference between reality and entertainment people! Wrestlers have personas and usually keep them up during interviews.

    • Finally someone talking right

      • AceV

        And besides, people act like the anti-bullying thing means you cannot have a opinion of someone. So what if a person thinks someone is fact or ugly, that’s his/her opinion. Doesn’t mean theyre a bully.

  • Paul

    I've always wondered what they see Del Rio. To me, he's boring. His character is boring, his wrestling is boring, his ring entrance makes me want to change the channel. I'd rather see the Miz, who is far more entertaining, then Del Rio.

    • Paul

      Different Paul*
      I think they both suck, boring promos and questionable in ring skills.
      The Miz really is the worst wwe champion of all time.

      • Hardy

        Couldn’t agree more, both boring in my opinion. But you still have to respect them for putting on a show for the fans, I mean it is for entertainment and they do try. Personally I am looking forward to seeing del rio back and facing sheamus.

  • Lindsay Anderson

    Really…Del Rio, you & Miz are like some of the other illtards around there. Cody Rhodes & a few others like Daniel Bryan must go. If John Laurinaitis will be sent with bags packing you assclowns must go too. Adios, you make our Hispanic heritage look bad Del Rio. Miz is a buttwad who acts inane around little kids & all adults. Grow up already for the love of god! I ain't shutting up for Y2J that stinkbag. Sorry, no can do. He don't impress me at all. Also WWE, FIRE Michael Cole. I don't care what it costs. Send him to Afghanistan. He stinks like moldy garbage! Jim Ross & the good guys like Cena & Orton have suffered enough damn beatings. Wake up & smell the coffee! Keep up the good work Triple H & promote Teddy Long!

    Also stop Kane from hurting Eve Torres & the good wrestlers like Zack Ryder. He needs punished for this. Ditch psychos like Vickie Guerrero & her lovers Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler. They need psychiatric treatment! Thanks! Bring back Mickie James & Gail Kim! Trash the divas with attitudes.

    • Guy Landau

      I take it it's still real to you, damm-it?

      • @jblack424

        I actually said that to her the other day guy. Its kinda actually cool that someone still believes

    • Tristeza

      i really thought you were trolling the first time I saw you comment, then you kept going. You honest to god believe this all to be real don't you?

    • Anthony

      is this real? please someone tell me this is just a joke haha? Lindsay Anderson your knowledge of wrestling is horrible hahahaha…im surprised i didnt see " I LOVE CENAAAA!!!!" somewhere in that incoherent garbage

    • Josh

      illtards, buttwads, stinkbags, and moldy garbage. Wasn't aware there was a freak show going on around here….

    • TheSeizureComic

      Always good to hear from Lil' Jimmy.

    • Bob

      I hate to break it to you but, Wrestling is scripted. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      • AceV

        Hahahahahahaha way to go for rooting for all the faces. Typical child. Lol. She want all the good wrestlers gon because they are bad guys on a scripted show. Bwahahahahaha

    • Snaps

      It's still real to this guy.

  • Steve l

    ADR plays an arrogant heel maybe he is just staying in character.

  • phil

    @Lindsay really? ….really? reaaally? really?……….really? dude calm down there ACTING! if they get under your skin then there doing thier job right. seriously, who gave you a computer?

    • havoc525

      A couple corrections…”sista” not “dude,” they’re not there, their not thier, and ALWAYS remember capital letters follow punctuation ending a sentence. Who, exactly, gave YOU a computer? Otherwise, I concur.

      • Rather than rage on about peope’s opinions and punctuation like 5 year olds, try be a little more civilized and debate the opinion. There is no need to make it personal!

  • Logan_Walker

    Right Miz Is Okay … Sometimes, Michael Cole Is now a GOD to me Since i Watched Smackdown, ADR is Okay…

    Oh And Its Still Real To Me

    • AJG316


    • Blazeking

      "Wrestling is real, people are fake."

      – Ken Anderson

  • The Breaker

    All I'm getting out of this is a possible Alberto Del Rio/Miz feud upon ADR's return. And there have been rumblings of Miz possibly turning face….hmmm……

    • Bob

      Miz is great as a heel and he enjoys being a heel. Why would he turn face?

    • Ellen

      face or heel, Miz and ADR both $UCK!

  • Aldo T

    Truth be told, Alberto Del Rio COULD be a face, all he has to do is change up his gimmick and actually make it seem like he gives a damn about his culture.

    He has what it takes to be one of the greats, but he REALLY needs to work on his in ring skills.

    This isn't the whole "MMA" crap, this is Wrestling Entertainment that people tune int week after week in hopes that they can actually have two hours of excitement.

  • Jim P

    Yeah, I have to believe that ADR was remaining in-character there.

  • AJG316

    Am I the only one that reads this and wants to see ADR turn face upon return and feud with the miz to become a truly epic rivalry going through mania and hell maybe even towards the area of summerslam

  • Silver

    How is this hypocrisy? Del Rio made these comments, not the WWE. Unless you can prove this interview was a work and Del Rio was told to make these comments then this is just one worker's opinion and does not reflect the company, even if he is speaking in direct opposition to a company policy. By this logic, since Evan Bourne violated the wellness policy, that means the WWE doesn't care about drug use in the locker room.

  • @ease9310

    I forgot what brand Kelly Kelly is on,is she on Raw,or SmackDown?

  • @ease9310

    I can't wait for Alberto Del Rio to return to either Raw,or SmackDown.If he was on SmackDown more people would watch SmackDown,and also if Rey Mysterio was on SmackDown more people would watch SmackDown?

  • PikaPal4ever

    Honestly, I think it's stupid that anyone is thinking del rio is bullying Miz. Oh my gosh, Miz is fat and ugly and the female fans hate him, so del rio isn't following some be a star campaign that they break all the time anyway according to most people. As much as I hate to say it 1.) Miz is a big boy, he can defend himself. In case anyone forgot, he's in great shape and also a wrestler. 2.) He's not making fun about a disabled kid with terminal cancer in the front row or something. How the heck are wrestlers supposed to make each other mad? Do it, but do it in a nice way? No way, del rio did nothing wrong and even if he did mean that about the miz, miz could really care less. Stop being so sensitive WWE!

  • Judy

    Del Rio should not throw stones. He is the most girly man on wrestling. I don't like Miz never have but at least I can tell he swings with the girls. Del Rio has made both me and my husband wonder how he swings. I agree with the anti-bullying campaign they need to stop this bullying by more than Del Rio. But for me I dislike Del Rio more than Miz and think he should look at his full body profile in a mirror before he says anthing about the Miz being girlie.

    • Bob

      Del Rio has a wife and 1 or 2 kids.

  • cristina

    What I want to know is this. If two guys really hate each others' guts behind the scenes can they refuse to do programs together? How do they work with each other if forced to do so? If they genuinely hate each other they might not care to "watch each others' backs."Especially if they really want to punch each other in the face backstage. How does this situation get taken care of when it arises?

  • The Shockmaster

    If you can't tell that this interview is then you are really, really stupid.

  • Clint

    so basically del rio has openly said hes trying to assault the miz, what I find pathetic is that he has yet to do it, lol, del rio reminds me of those karate kids that say i will kick your A^& but cant because there slow, just like his boring character, and no im not a miz fan but I respect that he has accomplished all he has without having the boss on his side since the get go, like del rio and sheamus(triple hs workout buddy and shower buddy)

  • Bob

    Why would anyone dislike Mike Mizanin? I’ve met him. He is a cool guy. I don’t know why anyone would dislike such an outgoing person.

  • Bogusstang

    Love ADR. Hate Gail Kim. Never bring her bad. Mixed feelings about Miz but very jealous he is going out w marlyse. Bring back Tiffany. And exactly how many cars does ADR have?

  • XRD89X

    lol to all the people thinking he was serious.. Do you not understand that these people are basically actors(really bad ones)? Id say this was just a way to start an on screen rivalry between the two.. And the miz everything he was described as in the interview anyway.. It’s not bullying if it’s true is it? That arrogant prick could use a little reminder that he’s not exactly the talent he thinks he is.

    • Greks

      Had no feud at all smart ass,he really deslikes the guy.The miz sucks.

  • Clint

    lol XRD89X you need to reread your post because like you said they are actors, and those two feuding makes no sense unless there gonna do two heels vs each other, which they rarely do.

  • Ryan.

    At least Miz doesn’t fake his Spanish accent to get a hispanic fan base. Del Rio is a poor excuse for a wrestler, and he has no real in ring skill that I’ve seen. His promos are boring and a bad accent rip off version of JBL. I don’t watch any matches he’s in or any of his promos. I’ve got fed up with him, and I refuse to watch anything he does.

    • gus

      he's not faking his spanish accent,, he's mexican

  • BigMike

    I guess ADR thinks he is untouchable since he is inducting his Uncle Mil in the HOF and while I really do not like the Miz ((horse-faced moron)) AT ALL ADR needs to watch his step