Alberto Del Rio Health Update

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Alberto Del Rio worked last night's WWE supershow live event from Madison Square Garden in New York City. He was booked in a very quick bout against Mason Ryan, as he is still recovering from his torn groin injury that required surgery to repair. (Click here for full results.)

Like Rey Mysterio, Del Rio has been rumored for the 12-man tag team match at Wrestlemania XXVIII to determine control of the brands. If Del Rio is able to go, he is obviously slated to join the other heels on Team Johnny.

  • Wilo

    Del Rio on tema Raw, along with Dolph & Miz. On team Smackdown I put Rey & Mason Ryan


    I hope on Team Teddy the other people can be Sin Cara,and Rey Mysterio,so then it can be like the first ever time Mysterio,and Cara teamed up for a major 12-Man Tag Team Match,and the other people I want on Team Johnny's team is Alberto Del Rio,and probably Luke Gallows,so Luke can return to the WWE,and be a heel again:-}

    • Sam The Man