Alberto Del Rio Injured

Albert Del Rio is suffering from concussion symptoms and was pulled from last night's Smackdown live event in Salisbury, Maryland. I have an exclusive update I will be posting shortly.

  • John


  • Mike

    Shame, I'm going to miss the huge pop from the audience he gets every night and yes, sarcasm intended

  • Brandon

    Now, WWE is in really great danger. Losing top stars one by one. It's time to step up the game WWE. Push new faces to the moon. You can't rely on Cena forever.

  • Shean

    Having Alberto face Sheamus was a bad idea from the beginning. All though I believe we are in desperate need of a new WH champion ther are plenty of smackdown heels that deserve the title such as Kane,Dolph Ziggler(needs to break away from swagger and Vickie for him to do this), When Alberto is a #1 contender for a title we have the same storylines(Ricardo”s mocking/interferences and Albertos Cross arm breaker)

  • Andy

    is he not challenging for the title at No Way Out ?? whos gonna replace him ?!?

    • Anand

      I hope it is ziggler.

  • nanadancer

    Why do yall think Ziggler is such a hot item?????????? He couldn't wrestler his way out of a paper bag!!!!!!!!!Now when it comes to thinking alot of himself he is on the top there.I prefer someone that is not sooooo conceded

    • PikaPal4ever

      this is why you are a casual fan, you have no clue who is a good wrestler. I guess cena is a good wrestler in your mind as well.

    • Brandon

      Why should he wrestle his way out of a paper bag when he can have a 5 star match candidates against Daniel Bryan in 2010 or against CM Punk earlier this year. Hornswoggle and The Great Khali must be your favourite wrestler I believe…

    • WyFo

      …….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! XD You’re funny nanadancer. Exactly how often do you watch WWE? Probably not very much if you just said that. Ziggler is one of the best guys on the roster right now. I was interested in the IC Title when he had it. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • Vince

    This is a perfect chance for barrett to return

  • eric

    Hope so

  • eric

    They need help asap time 2 step up

  • PrincessOfDarkness

    I truly hope that ADR pulls through and feels better soon! In the meantime Vince and Triple H better pull a rabbit out of the hat and stop the bleeding of their top tier talent either getting injured or suspended ala Orton! I hope that Lesnar comes back soon or they reach out to other former members of the organization to fill the void up or they could just push their mid to upper mid carders as well too.

  • havoc525

    Might sound crazy, but I’d give it to Cody, he’s ready.

  • Amanda

    I think Sin Cara should have a go at it or bring Rey Mysterio in the mix!!!

  • JasonGaza

    Where the Hell is Mysterio???