Alberto Del Rio Injured

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Alberto Del Rio was injured in the main event of last night's Raw Supershow from Philadelphia. It's believed Del Rio injured his groin during a spot with World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

He underwent evaluation in the locker room and was in a considerable amount of pain. However, it's believed he is not seriously injured and won't be missing any in-ring action.

  • ben

    wow it looked like he was seriously hurt…wonder what could it be? looked like his arm or face…

  • Frenchfry

    yeah i saw the ref throw up the X right after del rio tapped out

  • Ilyas

    Take that Del Rio,you deserved that,because at the beginning of your WWE career,you enjured some of my favorite WWE wrestlers,like Rey Mysterio!You deserved it Alberto Del Rio!And you lost to Daniel Bryan,and you have more experience than him WOW!Everyone now can beat you Del Rio!

  • robert

    prbaly the half surfbard when he had his legged hooked and jumped up, luckily it wasn't orton or d-bry be at tna next week

  • Man

    Hate ADR… We want big dady V!!!!!

  • Josh in MN

    How about those "Sexual Chocolate" chants for Mark Henry??? Pretty funny, huh???

  • Adam

    Yeath he deserves every think if I was in the ring with him I would do what mark Henry done with the big show I would break both off his legs and leave him to suffer so fuck you Alberto rio hahaha

  • Trever

    I also thought it was an arm or shoulder

  • PhilT81

    It was his destiny