Alberto Del Rio Injury Update

As I reported last week on Richard's Backstage Blog, WWE is targeting next month for Alberto Del Rio's return. Some have speculated he could be a surprise entrant in the 30-man Royal Rumble match but apparently that isn't likely.

Del Rio, who is currently recovering from a legitimate torn groin injury, won last year's 40-man Royal Rumble match. Below is a kayfabe Tweet from Del Rio's on-screen ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez:


  • I had completely forgotten about Del Rio and hadn't even noticed his absence from the Top Card lately. Chance for them to change his gimmick a little?

  • Zach

    I love Ricardo.

  • Miles

    Ha I had totally forgot this guy was injured

  • Alex

    I forgot Del Rio was even still with the company. Wow, he really is going to go down as the more forgettable WWE champion in history.