Alberto Del Rio Officially Off WWE No Way Out; New Number One Contender To Be Announced Tonight

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WWE has announced that Alberto Del Rio will miss No Way Out this Sunday due to a concussion. A new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship will be announced on tonight's three-hour episode of Raw Supershow.

  • Jay

    Ziggler truly deserves this opportunity. What should happen is Khali should win a Battle Royale, which Ziggler is ot part of. Then, Ziggler should flip out and thrash Khali, demanding to be #1 contender. He can give a speech about how he's been held back enough and that he will now take what is his. Big Johnny, liking his enthusiasm, books the match

    • robert

      Ziggler couldn't say that it would come out with a buncha lisping and stupid pushups he sux stop saying Ziggler should be in any main event, i just started watching ppvs again when Daniel Bryan and Cm punk have been in main events, stop it he should be cut loose not promoted, he's not mr. perfect stop it i can't stand anymore flailing when he jumps or does an elbow.

      • Tony P.

        I think you have him confused with jack swagger there friend…

    • cornb31

      Or how about a battle royal without khali and maybe even a beat the clock challenge. I’m happy I guess as long as ziggler wins!

  • Thumpa


  • Aldo T

    Truth be told.. That sucks MAJOR ass.

    I was looking forward to seeing ADR vs Sheamus.

    But, lets hope that whomever replaces him puts on one heck of a show!

  • Patrick


  • jdl

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't bash people head first into solid objects.

  • H.M.

    Err…blessing in disguise? Concussions suck, but I think that Ziggler might just have his chance to break out now.

  • Christ 4 Life

    Once again, the match I wanted to see ruined… 2 ppv's in a row.

  • Alejandro

    Not only would Ziggler vs Sheamus make for a good match, but he pretty much makes the most sense with Randy, Jericho, AND Alberto out. So here’s hoping that this could be the start of a main event fued for Dolph.

  • Austin

    ADR can’t catch a break can he? Truth be told his shtick was getting old with the old “announcer runs in then lock in arm-bar” thing. I loved his first fueds with Rey and stuff but ever since his Edge wrestlemania fued and under developed title reigns where Punk and Cena had the spotlight,I’ve been completely put off by the guy. Maybe it was because Punk was putting out good stuff while Del Rio was saying it “would be his destiny to be champion”. He was really booked to look weak compared to Punk and Cena and the fact that he has had TWO wwe title reigns that no one remembers is ridiculous. His first reign should of had nice build up. It should have been a historical moment in WWE history(think Jeff Hardy’s first world title win). *sigh*

  • eric

    do u think ADR was surpose to win dats why vince is piss or will somebody beat sheamus becus he injury ADR u know vince lets go ziggler

  • Habitman

    I wonder if Sheamus stiffed him deliberately into the steel to preserve his spot. Super Sheamus is getting quite stale and has been ever since WM28.

  • Monty

    Ziggler deserves it a lot, he can out on a 5 star match so yeh hr deserves it and if you don’t see it than stop watching wrestling. ADR is just not that good IMO but ziggler has the IT he can be a great heal or face. I just don’t want Vince to not use him right like so many guys