Alberto Del Rio On The Awkwardness Of Leaving WWE Shows In Cheap Rental Cars; Says Drew McIntyre Is His Best Friend

Alberto Del Rio was on The Abe Kanan Show to promote next Monday's WWE Raw in Chicago, Illinois.

In it, Del Rio talks about the awkwardness of leaving the venue of a WWE show in a cheap rental car when he comes out on television in luxury vehicles. He said about two months ago they began putting seat covers on the rentals.

Del Rio said his best friend on the road is Drew McIntyre. He said a break-up with Ricard Rodriguez is inevitable and is also "good friends" with Cody Rhodes.

The hosts mentioned what happened with Chris Jericho in Brazil and Del Rio said WWE needs to give them some more slack with their characters.

You can listen to the interview embedded below:

  • So what is the point of seat covers??

    • Richard Gray

      Haha no oil on the seats! Listen to the interview. Well worth it.

  • DC

    What’s gunna happen to Ricardo?

  • Moe

    Maybe we can see what Ricardo Rodriguez can offer if he ends up wrestling?

  • DoJo

    Ricardo & Santino for the tag team titles LoL

  • Mark3man

    Am I the only person that thinks if the WWE gave us ‘that‘ Alberto would be a lott more over. I know he’s playing a character on screen but everyone is very bored of that role.

    • Hardy

      If he got over more then they might have more of a real life gimmick. I agree that he is a bore…

      • Bault16

        Couldn’t disagree any more

  • Bryan

    In all honesty, he seems like a pretty nice guy. I just think his on screen character needs to be tweaked.

  • mm

    whats his real car

    • Mr.Love

      A1986 ford festiva! Lol look it up

  • _JIM_

    He’s not supposed to be liked and he does generate quite a bit of heat and negative reactions. So IMO he’s doing his job, and doing it well. Nobody likes the “rich snob” and he does a great job of getting that character over. I’m not sure what else they could do with him after having him play that role for so long. About the only thing I see happening is Ricardo finally having enough of taking crap from ADR and them splitting, but that will just make ADR more hated while getting Ricardo over as a baby face. Basically the same exact thing that happened back in the day when Virgil split from The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. Virgil was horrible, but he got over in a huge way when they did that angle. From what I’ve read Ricardo can actually work, so that would be about the only difference.

    • Mark3man

      He’s not getting heat because he’s a great heel. he’s getting it because people are bored of him. He’s on the verge of getting khali heat.

    • Bishop

      He generates the wrong type of heat. Not nuclear X-PAC heat, but the kind in which he bores people.

      He was awesome when he first arrived but it’s time for a tweak in his character. Have him go the DDP route and lose everything.

    • Kevin

      Funny you should mention Virgil and the Million Dollar Man. As I was reading your post, before I got to the part about those 2, I was thinking the same thing: that the WWE has been through this before, where a "sidekick" was split from the wrestler and ended up being a wrestler himself. It also happened with Shawn Michaels and Diesel.

  • Evon Reese

    It was a nice interview up until the Republican Convention part. I'm so sick of the political bull crap. It took away from what would have been a great interview for all to get to know Alberto Del Rio better.

  • WooWooWoo

    LMAO!!! @ the Vince McMahon impression

  • DoJo

    Actually thinking about it, didn’t vince give ted dibiase a LOT of walking around money, private jets, chauffeured cars & top hotels to keep the million $ man gimmick going????? Has McMahon little faith in del rio or is it because he is saving a little cash due to smarks LoL

  • Maz

    Ricardo is actually a better wrestler than ADR, watch his match’s in