Alberto Del Rio Pulled From Next Week's Raw Supershow & Holiday Tour Shows

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Alberto Del Rio has been pulled from the list of advertised talent for Monday's Raw Supershow on The company has also pulled him from scheduled bookings on next week's Holiday Tour Raw house shows.

Del Rio was injured on Monday night during the main event of Raw Supershow. While his injury wasn't considered to be serious, it's significant enough to keep him off the road for the next week.

  • Logan_Walker

    No Surprise It looked Bad on Monday

  • Noah

    Man who cares

    • Ellen

      I'm thinking you are sooooo right, and not the only member of WWE universe to feel that way!

    • ease9310

      You're not the only one in the WWE Universe that fells that way tto,because he's a heel no one really cares about heels!

      • XKonn247

        You’re a mark trying not to be a mark and it’s embarrassing. Heels and faces don’t mean anything. Workers get liked in the IWC by being GOOD AT THERE JOB. Not there alignment. The reason no one cares is because ADR is just awful.

        • XKonn247

          Sorry, their. Rant spelling errors suck

        • vmagic

          Well I happen to think ADR is great!

    • joe

      your on a wrestling news site in case you didnt know

      • Noah

        I’m aware

  • EseRicardo

    If Alberto Del Rio is "just awful" how come he won the first ever 40 man rumble, M.I.T.B. & the WWE championship in his first year with WWE??? I'll tell you why he had such an amazing rookie year…DESTINY!!! haha

    • Kleck

      Ricardo Rodriguez? Feeling better I hope…

  • Jman72485

    Del rio ain’t that bad. He was pretty good ad dos caras jr. If he gets paired up against someone who can keep up with him, like cm pink, he can be a great wrestler. I like the Punk bs ADR matches. Also he’s good vs daniel Bryan….

  • alvaro

    he won RR and MITB cause is not real is pre determined. Lol i can win the wwe belt too if i married the bosses daughter like HHH. Like taker undefeated streak at mania not real is stage. Probably in a real bar fight even chavo can beat taker for reals like he said.

    • vmagic

      I doubt that, Taker is really into MMA and boxing and is tough in real life. I certainly wouldn't mess with him.

  • EseRicardo

    @alvaro it is scripted & pre-determined but WWE obviously had to have faith in ADR to go over like that in his first year… Chavo in all his years with the company hasn't accomplished what alberto has…Also I don't recall ADR marrying the bosses daughter so that was pointless to bring that up. Chavo beating up Taker in a real fight? no comment lol