Alberto Del Rio Returns To WWE

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Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE at last night's Smackdown live event from the Cow Palace in San Fransisco, California. After being introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez, Del Rio came out and cut a promo. Sheamus challenged him to a singles match between Royal Rumble winners but Del Rio declined and made it an arm wrestling match.

Del Rio has been out since December with a torn groin that required surgery. In a promotional appearance last week, he said he didn't like most of his co-workers and said The Miz is like a little girl.

Click here for full results from last night's show.

  • Dave


    But you already knew that. (Troll-face).


    Allllllllllllllbbbbbbeeeeeeerrrrrrtttttrrrrrioo delllllllll rrrrrrriiiiiiiioooooooooooooooo the next gen is slowly coming 2gether

  • H.M.

    Glad he's on Smackdown.

    • @ease9310

      I hope Rey Mysterio will also be on SmackDown when he returns to the WWE,because if they had a fued against Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio,that would be like one of the best fueds in the WWE History.And it might even win an award for the best fued of the year.Who Knows?And I heard that Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio would return at the same time to the WWE,and that would be a great time to put on the fued!!

  • Lindsay Anderson

    Woo woo…so what Del Rio returns…ask me if I care….him, Ricardo, & Miz are all a bunch of overrated wusses. Don't want to see Sin Cara & Rey feud at all. WWE hasn't been the same since Laurinaitis has been in charge. FIRE HIM, clean up the septic shit, & help Triple H rid his headaches. It's getting pretty old. Cena & a few others are great, leave them alone. Cena's the top money maker. Orton & Ted Jr. have improved & are coming around the bend. So yes, things are getting better. Now to get rid of the rest of scum.

    • Eddie

      you’re comparing orton with dibiase?? he’s the one name you take right after cena. and he’s better than cena inside the ring!!

  • paulw3000

    @Lindsey Anderson (Anderson)… You know it scripted right, Laurinitus is a TV personality, his corporate role gives him very little control (if any) over what happens on WWE TV…

  • Kleck

    It’s real to her damn it!