Alberto Del Rio & Rey Mysterio Appear On Triplemanía XXII, WWE Accused Of Racism

Alberto Del Rio appeared at Triplemanía XXII at Arena Ciudad de México in Mexico City on Sunday. Del Rio stated that he had to deal with racism in WWE. His father, Dos Caras, joined him in the ring for the promo where he talked about his dignity and not being disrespected again.

Del Rio was interrupted by Los Perros del Mal and Konnan but he took care of them. His WWE theme music was used on his way out.

The second notable story from the show was Rey Mysterio. A video aired at the end of the show, assuring he would be in AAA soon. The hashtag #FreeRey was also used.

Our faithful correspondent Jorge Romero Tweeted us a photo of the video featuring Mysterio in a sombrero. You can view it below:

Del Rio was released from WWE earlier this month following a backstage incident with social media manager Cody Barbierri.

Mysterio is unhappy in WWE and wishes to return to Mexico.

Another very interesting element in all of this is AAA is coming to television in the United States. AAA will be airing a show on the El Rey Network that is set for a premiere in October.

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  • jdl

    Rey is an idiot. Does he not realize he’s screwing with a multinational behemoth with more than enough power to grind him into a paste? Or that he’s so broken down he should consider retirement over wrestling any longer? He better hope that he and AAA covered all of their bases, or I smell a breach of contract lawsuit coming.

    • Josh

      Was gonna say the exact same thing lol

  • jus2cme

    Rey Mysterio is a has been that can’t go anymore. WWE should save money and release him from his contract. With Kalisto and Hunico/Sin Cara they can do without Rey. They can put the same mask on any other guy and sell it. Cutting Rey could save quite a few people jobs who were cut that probably really needed their paycheck more than Rey did.

    • Moose

      I was with you until you said they can put Rey’s mask on any other guy and sell it. I see that going over like the fake Diesel and fake Razor from the 90’s.