Alberto Del Rio & Rey Mysterio At Last Night's WWE Raw Supershow

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Both Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio were at last night's Raw Supershow in San Diego, California. Del Rio returned to WWE over the weekend but didn't wrestle as he's not cleared from his torn groin injury.

Mysterio, who is targeting a return at Wrestlemania XXVIII, lives in the city and was visiting.

  • Maze

    I thought they were in San Antonio TX last night

  • monty

    alberto's character is weak and needs a fresh pain job, something isn't clicking with him. rey on the other hand can't wait to have him back.

    • @ease9310

      I totally agree with U I want Rey Mysterio back.The WWE isn't the same without Rey Mysterio,and Sin Cara.I hope Rey Mysterio can at least be at WrestleMania28,let's all pray for him to return,so he can be part of the match ups at WrestleMania28!!

  • Bryan

    Yeah I was there and unless they were backstage they definitely were not there neither made an appearance. If Rey was there he would have probably made an appearance off screen.

  • H.M.

    I'd personally love to see Rey return to Smackdown and start a feud with Hunico/Camacho. It'd really help them get over as heels. I know, I know it's probably because they're both Mexican but I don't know, it's a thought worth entertaining. Hunico/Rey could put on some fantastic matches too.

  • Maz

    I was thinking the Same thing, sin cara blew his chance at replacing Rey but be good if Hunico gets a chance. He has the best entrance in wresting right now.

    Rey vs Hunico at WM