Alberto Del Rio Stars In First Episode Of WWE Toyz

The newest series on the official WWE YouTube channel, WWE Toyz, debuted its first episode yesterday. The episode chronicles Alberto Del Rio going on a luxury car shopping spree. The video is embedded below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for sending this in.

  • Kleck

    It’s nice to actually see Alberto again. Typical behavior but enjoyable.

  • Funkeeh

    "is this car the most… expensive one?" he really knows what to look for in a car 😛

  • WNW Fan

    They never talked price. Can't even imagine what it would actually cost for all Alberto "ordered". I wouldn't have enough parking space let alone the money to actually buy one of them. I could barely afford the scented pine tree you hang from the rear view mirror.

  • ken

    Was I the only one more interested in the woman?

  • kbunyon

    That looked like it was a lot of fun for everyone involved.


  • Patrick V

    Did ADR just buy 8 cars?