Alberto Del Rio Working On Raw, Past GMs Returning, Time For A New WWE Champ?, Burning Out John Cena

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Why was Alberto Del Rio not able to perform at No Way Out but was able to perform the next night on Raw? Why could he not do both?

Alberto Del Rio was cleared to work Monday afternoon; however, the decision to book him in a match on this week's Raw Supershow wasn't met without criticism. I'm currently working on a story that will be online shortly on one WWE name that was very vocal that there was no reason for Del Rio to be working last night.

With WWE bringing back past GMs, what are the odds that the Anonymous Raw General Manager returns for a week?

When I first read this question my first reaction was, oh no I hope not. Then I thought, well it would save WWE the money of having to pay per shot to a past name. I don't know if there are plans to bring back that stupid computer but let's hope that doesn't happen. I'll go as far as saying the Anonymous Raw General manager was one of the worst gimmicks in WWE history that completely defied logic.

I'm a huge fan of CM Punk and have been since his first promo on ECW. But don't you think its time for a new champion?

I am a fan of lengthy WWE Championship reigns because it builds prestige to the title. CM Punk needed this lengthy run to help establish himself as one of the company's top guys. While I will commend WWE for finally showing confidence in Punk, they aren't confident to put him (or either title for that matter) in a pay-per-view main event, which I feel is the wrong move.

Is WWE risking burnout with John Cena with him continuing to work in the midst of lingering injuries and significant personal issues?

WWE has a history of riding top stars too hard, leading to severe burnout. There is concern they are riding John Cena too hard at a time where he is hurting both physically and personally. One person close to John told me he's dealing with the drama in his personal life by working as much as possible but others are afraid it's all going to catch up with him.

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  • MVP

    Vince remembers the heat that the Anonymous General Manager had, as well as the heat Michael Cole got from reading the e-mails. No doubt in my mind Vince will bring it back.

    • Anand

      I agree and most of cole's heat stems from the fact that he used to be the anonymous gm's mouth piece

      Every time he said can I have your attention please he drew tons and tons of heat which isn't so easy to do. But, I do agree it was boring. There is no fun in seeing the good guy defeat the heel when that heel does. It have a face to relate. So am happy if the anonymous gm stays gone but wouldn't mind if he is back for one week only

      • BigMike

        that was just the straw that broke the camel's back for Cole he was the WORST announcer in the History of WWE(( including Mike Adamle and Brad Armstrong)) fake ass smile not a good voice but he can kiss ass and therefore Vinnie but the GM mouthpiece "voice of WWE" bullshit Cole needs to go back to being a BAD backstage announcer that got made fun of and frost your hair back

  • King

    Cant please everyone!! First everybody was complaining about the title jumping around every couple of months. Now the title has been on one person to long? I mean come on already!! Personally I'm good with Punks long reign, I'm a huge fan of lengthy reigns because it makes the champ way more believable. Besides, who is he going to drop the title to? Big Show?? I'm all for anything that keeps the strap of Cena for little while LOL.

    • Jaryd

      To be honest, I'd rather Cena had the strap or was at least challenging for it with things as they are, at least then when he main events the PPVs every month it would bring the title back to the top of the card.

    • Alex

      I agree with you. It's like Vince & Bischoff once said. Fans are like little children. They don't know what they want till you tell them. We've been hearing for years now how the titles are nothing more than hot potatoes being switched up every week. Now we have champions who have managed to keep the belt for a while in Bobby Roode & CM Punk and now everyone is complaining that they've had the titles for two long. Mind you, it hasn't even been a full year yet. These fans need to decide what they want and just stick with it . . . for once.

  • Ken

    I don't care if they bring back the damn computer, as long as Michael Cole isn't the mouth piece this time. Just please, PLEASE WWE, don't bring back Mike Adamle. Come to think of it, the Anonymous RAW GM had more charsima in the spacebar alone than Lauranitus and Adamle combined. My Lord, I just complimented a computer.

    • Mr.Love

      But your right 100%

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Interesting on how they will bring back the greatest GM of Monday Night, Eric Bischoff to Raw…

    • Callum

      It won’t be bischoff because he is with TNA!

    • Chris

      Obviously they won't…

  • OneShotDeal

    The anonymous raw GM thing wouldn't have been terrible at all…. if only there had been some payoff to the angle. It's a little late now, but maybe this is finally the time they reveal who was behind it all?

    • Chris

      I agree, I did think they dragged it out too long, but I'd have enjoyed an end to the story. WWE are getting in to a habit of not finishing off their stories. No revelation of the Anonymous GM, no real closure to the Nash/Triple H/Punk thing last year. Its getting quite irritating

  • Steve l

    As stupd as it was I lijed yhe computer because it saved time. It wad just a quick anouncement instead of a lengthy walk to the ring follod by a 0 minute speech.

    • Chris

      Surely a zero minute speech saves even more time than reading an email….

  • Lenny

    I said this yesterday and I’ll say it again, no true fan of a wrestler would ever complain about anything that wrestler is doing. So stop saying you’re a CM Punk fan and at the same time wanting his title reign to come to an end! That’s called being a hypocrite! CM Punk is
    Doing a damn good job and he should be the face of the company for one single solitary reason, you will never catch him failing a wellness test! I don’t wish harm upon anyone but I wish Cena would get a severe injury and would have to be out for a long time that way CM Punk can take his spot as the number one guy!

  • H.M.

    Well there's also Stone Cold and Bret Hart, AND Vickie Guerrero(she was GM for a short time if anyone remembers) as past GM's, whatever capacity they might have had. I have a feeling we'll see Mike Adamle again too…lmao. As long as it's for 1 week, it's *okay* with me.

    The sad thing is (and I can't believe I'm saying this) but we won't get to see the greatest GM of Raw's history in Eric Bischoff. We all hate him but we all know – or at least those of us who remember – how good he was in that role back in 2002-2005

    • smark

      what about ric flair he as raw gm for awhile and he got fired from tna lol

  • Brandon

    We all know that Austin or Edge would be a great GM

  • The Breaker

    I wouldn't mind seeing the Anonymous RAW General Manager, as long as they reveal him to be Ric Flair.

  • AnacondaVise

    I hate having a new WWE/World Heavyweight Champion every other PPV. It makes it so much more meaningful with they do finally lose.

  • Remember when Steve Austin just walked out on WWE due to being burned out. That's gonna happen to John Cena.

    • bruno

      Austin walked out because he didnt have things his way.

      • Jason

        Correction numb nuts Austin walked out because writers and management wanted to bury him and have him job to lesnar.

        and Austin had his beliefs on how the company was going down hill because the writers and management had their head up their asses making the company and his character into a joke. may i remind you of the whole ric flair thing? it was a clear joke that austin did not want to be apart of period.

  • Austin’s Vest

    Raw Gm gets revealed as Drew Carey. He is a WWE Legend. Plus the IWC would understand him doing all the shtick and it would make sense in kayfabe for a non wrestling mind to make the terrible decisions the anonymous GM made. Just a thought.

  • Madscotslass

    I’d like them to bring the anonymous GM back but only to reveal who it was and conclude that storyline (albeit a year too late!) They did hint that it may have been SCSA *fingers crossed*
    I am surprised that Punk has been Champ for so long, it usually switches hands more frequently….. I’m not complaining, I’m a huge fan of Punks and want him to remain the champion…. I’m just saying I’m surprised they haven’t whipped it off him yet is all!!!
    I think Cena will get his much needed (and well deserved) time off when everyone starts to return from suspensions and injurys I.e. Mysterio, Orton, Barrett, Mark Henry etc

  • Matt

    Cena needs like a year off

  • Evon Reese

    Cena would never tell a fan to drink bleach or die or argue with fans like a little spoiled brat telling them that if they come over the wall he was goona hurt them like Punk has. Punk has turned into a Punk.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Someone explain to this kid what a Face is and what a Heel is.

      • smark

        I will face good heel bad lmao

      • Chris

        In 'this kids' defence, Punk was telling the fan to drink bleach, while playing a babyface…..I'm not sure what your arguement is meant to be…

        • Evon Reese

          I'm 53 years old. A long way from being a kid and I know the difference between a Heel and a face. Punks fame is going to his head and if he's not careful will be his downfall

  • fletch

    The cpu gm will be the last host and then they will reveal who he was. That person will go on to be the permenant gm.

    I’m sure the cpu gm was disco inferno or 2pac

  • Eddie

    I like lengthy runs but woth Kane entering retirement pretty soon i say give it to Kane for at least a good 3 months before he retires or at least give it to DanielBryan already he deserves it as for the united states belt they need to take it away from santino and give it to somone who will bring it bak up like the miz cody rhodes orton ted dibiase or someone new

  • WyFo

    If they bring back the computer, I hope they reveal who it is.