Alberto Del Rio's WWE Return Advertised For This Weekend In California

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WWE is officially advertising Alberto Del Rio for Saturday's Smackdown live event in San Fransisco and Sunday's Smackdown live event in Bakersfield.

Del Rio has been out since December with a torn groin that required surgery to repair. For those wondering, Ricardo Rodriguez is also being advertised.

  • Dougie

    Am I the only 1 thinking this guy is completely over-rated?

    • Patrick V

      Same here

    • AJG316

      It's not enough just giving a thumbs up on ur comment but I just have 2 say at I couldnt agree with u anymore even if I tried

    • noah

      nope i think the same

    • hurrigame


    • Ellen

      You are soooooo right!

  • Christen

    why is he appearing for Smackdown i thought Del Rio was Raw?

  • kyle

    Honestly I haven't even noticed the guy has been gone. He won the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, & WWE Championship and not even a week after he got injured I forgot about him. No offence but his gimmick is a like a mexican JBL but not even as good. I hope he changes up his gimmick because its pretty lame right now.

  • -H-

    Del Rio and Mysterio are better suited staying on Smackdown. I think Del Rio forming a stable with Camacho and Hunico might be a great idea for starters.

  • Dougie

    I understand that he was big in Mexico (If you have wrestling in the Family in Mexico, you’ve already made it)
    He really isn’t technically great, his mic work is even worse and don’t get me started on his heel character

  • Wwe4L76

    I think to fire Del Rio is a good idea

  • Dan

    He’s boring. Nothing to him. He’s like santino but is pushed to the top. I’d rather santino win title. It’s be humorous at least. Haha

  • Angel

    I don’t think he’s that over rated. Hopefully while he was gone he worked on his mic skills. He can take from Ricardo. His music did get a pop at the rumble before the car came out

    Was he pushed way to fast, yes a lot of people are these days but he’s one of my favorite wrestlers(minus the gimmick) as I think he’s got a ton of talent in the ring.

    They just need to give him a strong clean defeat over a mega star (orton cena punk etc)