Alberto El Patron Bashes WWE, Threatens Several Current Superstars

While many may have enjoyed the rap battle between The New Day and The Usos on Smackdown, especially when Jimmy ad-libbed a line alluding to Xavier's video recorded rendezvous with Paige, one person wasn't smiling about the whole thing - Alberto El Patron.

Alberto made the following Instagram post regarding the situation, singling everyone listed above (along with Triple H, of course) as a bunch of "p*ssies" and threatened to beat any of them up if they show up at his restaurant.


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  • Simon Veitch

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy as full of himself as Alberto is

    • live1213

      Well not saying Alberto should have responded but, the man is right not only did they take it too far it was sorry. Too hold true (except for the Rock) all other afro American wrestler have to go beyond stupid to succeed in the WWE and the New Day, Sexy chocolate, King Booker, and other have to act stupid. They act just like Alberto said…… Now with that being said Alberto he’s the GFW champion he should move on.

  • The Breaker

    Wow, Alberto, you’re such a tough guy…


    I’d take the free drink

  • JeanVice

    lol. They’re probably just gonna hit up a Denny’s anyway.

  • Jason

    Threatening over 6 Guys..

    yeah he really wants to get his ass handed to him.

    Goodluck with that Future Coma, Alberto.