Alberto El Patron Suspended Indefinitely From Global Force Wrestling

Following a suspicion of domestic battery involving current GFW Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron towards fiance Paige, Global Force Wrestling has announced that El Patron is indefinitely suspended. His future will most likely depend on what transpires over the next few weeks.

Here is the official statement from GFW:

Global Force Wrestling has indefinitely suspended Alberto El Patron, effective immediately, until the investigation is resolved following a recent incident in Orlando, Florida.

There is a teleconference today with Jeff Jarrett where further details may be revealed so stay tuned to for any updates.

  • Doug

    Wow! What gives? Does this guy have a problem? Do the rest of you know anything?

  • 1molly23

    Oh no! Now who’s gonna shake his right hand while walking in to perform? Almost as bad a Lesnar bouncing up and down.

  • live1213

    Well I’m not a big Triple H fan but, may be he was right when he said Alberto and Paige r not right for each other. Now also realize they tape 4 episode of GFW impact wrestling so by next t.v. taping we see if hes really going to b punish or will he b reinstated. NOTE:
    This is your chance to do 2 things
    1. Bring in Another big name (or semi big name)
    2. Create the American title can u see how Smack Down rock. And New Japan already a bigger us mame ( my opinion Kenny omega, Jim Ross, and U.S. title)

  • A Lebron

    Im happy that they were able to take action on the matter. I still dont understand how Roman Reigns didn’t face any reprecussions after the unscripted action on Braun Stroman. Anyways, GFW is on a huge momentum right now… I think that if by the end of the 4th taped show the issue is not resolved or El Patron must be kept suspended… Then Jarrett should just go public with it and say;”Due to the airport actions we must strip El Patron from the title. This is an opportunity to have a 20 man battle royal and have someone new like Eli Drake or have someone like Mr. Anderson come back (become 3rd time world champ) or even Matt Morgan to become champion (1st time). When turning in the title over to new champ… Then we will witness… The brand new GFW Undisputed Championship title!! This will be great for the brand in so many levels. Includingaapperances by any acquisitions… Maybe Austin Aries???!!!

    • Rus

      When did Roman Reigns go off script with Braun Stroman?

      • Gary Robert

        No idea what this dude is talking about unless he thinks the ambulance thing was real, lol

      • A Lebron

        When Roman went in reverse with Braun in the back of the ambulance. You saw how he came out??? Or what happen afterwards??? He broke kayfabe.

    • Dig Baddy

      Reigns went off script? Mark.

      • A Lebron

        Yeah! That ambulance rampage was unscripted!! If id I were WWE.. i’d strip him of the opportunity for the world title and face reprocussions. Braun is not in the best state nor in the state he was supposed to be..leaving GBOF. I hope Joe or Finn Balor becomes the next Universal Champ!


    Good to see GFW taking a stance. Could you see WWE suspending SCSA?

    • Vomkrieg

      If it happened today, yes. A lot has changed since the SCSA incident.

      • ATLANTIS

        What’s changed? Women are people now? And SCSA is always welcome back with open arms every time he feels like coming back?

        • Vomkrieg

          You seem to have some major preconceptions about my point of view judging from your last two posts.

          Anyway. If a domestic violence incident happened with a major Star today it would be treated very differently than in the past, because attitudes have changed. 50 years ago, people didn’t bat an eye at domestic violence. 20 years ago, it was hushed up for the most part. Attitudes change.

          As for SCSA today. I’m not a big fan of his because of his domestic abuse history. But the WWE likely sees that as one fly in the money ointment. And has the cases are 13 odd years old and have been dealt with fully by the police, they aren’t concerned.

          Now if he was found hitting his partner today, they would likely drop him as hard as they did Hulk Hogan talking about black people. If you think anyone is above getting dropped by WWE these days, the Hogan incident should tell you otherwise.