Alex Riley Buried, Moving Smackdown To A Live Show, Show Bonusses, Scott Steiner Back To WWE?

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What are your thoughts on Alex Riley? I feel like WWE is dropping the ball with Riley, if he was in TNA or Ring Of Honor I feel he would be a main eventer right now.

Alex Riley was given a decent opportunity on WWE TV and while he got over with the crowd, his in-ring work is bad. I don't know about TNA but there's no way he would be over in Ring of Honor with sub-par in-ring work (and I feel like I'm being nice calling it sub-par). Riley has potential but he most improve his in-ring abilities if he is going to get a serious run in WWE.

With recent live Smackdown's, do you think WWE is trying to transition over to live or will it never happen and they are going to continue with "live specials."

While the live editions of Smackdown have popped ratings in the past, here recently they have shown no real benefit, even posting lower numbers then what the replay did in the normal Friday night timeslot. For WWE to move Smackdown to a live show they would probably have to switch to Tuesday nights (for obvious reasons regarding production travel) and I just don't see there being that big of a benefit. As things currently stand, WWE seems happy with a taped show on Friday nights with occasional Tuesday night specials.

Every superstar get's a bonus if they appear on TV right? A couple weeks ago on Raw Supershow pretty much every Superstar appeared in the John Cena and Brock Lesnar segment... Would that mean everyone that appeared on that segment get the bonus?

If a worker is used on a WWE show in any capacity they are paid $500. This amount used to be $1000 but was cut 50% about four years ago. So to answer your question, if the worker was shown on camera, they were paid that amount.

Do you think Scott Steiner might return to WWE?

I don't think it's likely that Scott Steiner returns to WWE although anything is possible. You know how Steiner is burying Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard right now? He did the same thing to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon when he left WWE. A lot of bridges were burned with Steiner and I just don't see the company feeling he's a big enough draw to offer him a contract.

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  • Ellen Brennan

    If Alex Riley's ring skills are sub-par – and they're not as honed as others, I agree – what then do others like Otunga (brings "the look" and no ring talent) – DelRio (again the look – minimal talent) – Slater (not sure what he brings) – Albert (couldn't bring it then certainly doesn't bring it as Tensai) – Abraham Washington (you're kidding, right) and on-and-on others bring?

    • Scottyo614

      To compare Riley to Del Rio or Albert shows a compete lack of knowledge to wrestling internationally. To do what Albert was and went to became in Japan is amazing. Del Rio is extremely talented and has been an international success from one of the most historic families in wrestling. I think you should watch some YouTube on both wrestlers internationally then judge. Minimal talent certainly doesn't come to mind on either guy.

      • Mike

        Keyword in your statement is "internationally". They are in the WWE now, and that is what matters now, making a name for yourself in the WWE.

        • simbasamba

          because no one outside america watches wwe. i totally agree

      • Mr.Love

        I don’t think ADR can hold my jock strap! I dOnt see anything in him and wonder why the gave him a title reign? What has ADR done that special? Come out to the ring every week in a different rental car? Be announced by the same old jack ass ever week? Show that he is nothing special when it comes to wrestling talent and mic skills

      • Ellen Brennan

        Then Albert should go back to Japan, take Otunga, DelRio, Riley, Washington, Slater, and the rest of the un"talented" and be amazing, cause right now…sorry these few mentioned by name and the rest of the on-and-on others don't/can't cut it!

        • Scottyo614

          And you think some of those could cut it in Japan? Read a book or two and find out what wrestlers in WWE think of Japan. It's the upmost respect in every writing. In your case we will stick with ignorance is bliss

    • RileyFan

      Slater has passion and drive, he puts 100 per cent in the ring no matter what. Del Rio has PLENTY of talent.

    • Andres

      Really Alberto del rio has a tremendous ring talent dont tell me your a John Cena fan please he is the one who needs to change it up

  • Alex P

    Aside from the mic skills (which are also ok) Riley is pretty average

    • Ellen Brennan

      Seems to me that "average" is better than minimal to none. Keep singing Jennifer!

      • XKonn247

        You’re really not getting this. Otunga has run with his opportunity. Talent or not if you can’t capitalise on opportunity then you should be rebuilt. Fact is Riley is below average. He’s bloody awful!

      • Alex P

        Haha good point…I just don't really get what people see in Riley outside of the mic skills and the look. Cause in the ring there's a lot left to be desired.

  • Bob

    Your question about the bonus is conflicting. You said they are paid if they are used in the show (dark match)? or if shown on camera? Also if someone is shown in background (accident) do they get bonus?

    • wnwdotcom2

      Bonuses are paid out to everyone on the show. I'm assuming this includes the pre-show dark match as well.

  • Owen

    Does the bonus apply to road agents and referees as well?

    • wnwdotcom2

      I'm not sure how the contracts of producers (formerly road agents) and referees are structured. I assume there is a structure where they are paid for working a show.

  • Ralphus

    Sorry, but I was never sold on Riley! And you were right Richard, saying his work being subpar is being extremely generous!

  • craig

    Ryder was given/took Riley's spot when he got hurt last fall. Ryder is a ton better in the ring than Riley and better on the mike.

    • Mr.Love

      Agreed but Ryder still sucks wrestling wise, so it’s not much better

      • Craig

        There is no way Riley could have had the matches on ppv that Ryder had with Dolph.

    • Paul

      I’m not a fan of either of them, Ziggler, Barrett, Rhodes, swagger and McIntyre are all better in ring and have “the look”

      • Mr.Love

        Agreed besides swagger he just hasn’t gotten it yet

  • Dangerous Lee

    Steiners biggest opponent in the wwe will be the wellness policy

    • Paul

      Haha, not to mention his lack of talent

  • Thisguy

    No disrespect, but I laughed when he said that Alex Riley would be a main eventer in Ring of Honor. The skill that ROH looks for is what Riley lacks in the most. Wrestling.

  • Maze

    I guess Steiner will be off to Japan..

  • wnwdotcom2

    Just to clarify, I am not an Alex Riley hater. I feel he's a talented guy but he just wasn't ready based on his in-ring work. That's not to say he cannot improve but that's why he lost favor from WWE management. Furthermore, I cannot explain why someone that also needs to work on their in-ring (like David Otunga) gets pushed. Let's also not forget about The Great Khali. There isn't a whole lot of constancy in pushes or de-pushes but it's the nature of the beast.

    • Mr.Love

      They only like otunga because of his link to Jennifer hudson. The only thing otunga has is the “look”, otherwise absolutely no ring skills at all. I just want some good ol technical wrestling.

    • Paul

      Khali had the advantage over other workers that lack in-ring talent and that has goota be his sheer size, he can get by on just that but he shouldn’t be in the title picture ever!!

    • This is what I also don't understand; why push someone like Khali who is less talented than Riley Alex is closer to being the real deal than Otunga, but doesn't suck up to the "Lame" GMas David does. The answer is politics. Now that Lesner is back to put all of "Johnny"s" enemies on the shelf, all sense of rating will be lost on who can inflict the most pain.

  • Im sorry but did someone just compare ADR to Riley? Wow…

  • john

    What would they use Scott Steiner for? I mean he is not going to be heavy weight champ. Maybe tag team him up with someon. No reason for WWE to sign him.

  • Ricky Valdez

    I would prefer Alex Riley right now over David otunga, Alex shows good in ring ability, otunga is just concerned about posing.

    • RileyFan

      Don't forget about his coffee and his bow-ties.

  • Frank

    You probably won't answer my Questions. You guys never have the past. I am 64 and I have been a wrestling fan for 55 years. My question do you think Johnny Ace will go away soon and Teddy return to Smackdown? Many people are less imterested in watching WWE because of Johnny Ace boring, non creative persona. He has been a failure at every thing in wrestling.

    • British bulldog

      I like the johnny ace thing right now, and as for him being boring, he’s mr excitement!! You do get that right??

      Can’t say that any of my wrestling fans mates are unhappy with him, I certainly like this direction!

  • Frank

    Alex Riley is/could be a Super Star but they have not given him a push, nor enough TV exposure. Some of out here think he is good and could be great.

  • Christ 4 Life

    I really like Alex Riley and would love to see him get a push once he has improved his skills. I was hopefull at Night of Champs when he was in tthe Fatal 4 Way match for the U.S. Title.

  • Whammaster

    Otunga gets a push because he has outside influence to company, his girlfriend. Riley is iffy. He needs to sharpen up, he obviously has the influence of the fans, but not the proper ring skills to actually get a permanent spot on the roster.

    To even compare Del Rio to Riley is a mark move. Riley wouldnt even be hired buy ROH so thats a horrible remark. However TNA would higher him, but he might be in the spot that “Robbie E” is in, or where Devon was at.

  • Shane0Wall

    Riley is a very good mic worker. On NXT when he was given a moments notice to think of a response, he was quick on his feet and shown a lot for a young guy. Definite main event skills in that area.

    I'm not a huge Riley fan myself, but since I'm someone who's taken the time to really watch a lot of his ring work, from FCW to NXT to now. Riley really isn't that bad of a wrestler, check out his FCW matches where he had to lead Mason Ryan to a good FCW title match. The general feeling is Riley "botches" – at least that's what everyone always laughs about. The 2011 royal rumble especially, John Cena hit Riley as hard as he could right in the jaw as soon as Riley slid into the ring, a few minutes later – Riley fell out of the ring, thus "botching" – the next night on Raw his face was swollen up like a chipmunk. My point is, there's a lot of laughing about what Riley lacks but he really doesn't lack as much as people think he does. His big power moves (spinebuster and the like) aren't quite crisp enough most of the time, but it's not hard to look at. Some even prefer the more smash mouth approach.

    • RileyFan

      Thank you, a lot of people don't realize his talent. I think him and Mason will make a great tag team if WWE did something with it. Everyone botches sometimes.

  • Hunter

    Some of you are really dumb. Riley sucks

    • RileyFan

      Wow, we're not calling anyone else names yet you feel the need to call us some?

  • ZackPck

    Otunga gets a push because he has a fantastic gimmick and a great look, as well as being good on the mic. Sure, his ring work isn't great (though it is getting better), but when you have 3 of the 4 most important things going for you, you deserve a push. Sometimes, in ring ability is not the be all and end all.

    • Mr.Love

      I disagree with you 100% a d the fact you support zack Ryder is proof you don’t have any wrestling knowledge and zack Ryder still sucks and has no talent

  • Matt

    Scott Steiner is a washed up nobody. Him being on tv, in HD would scare a lot of people lol

  • Steve l

    Im sorry ROH does have great technical wretlers but they also have Matt Taven, Mike Mondo, Devon Storm Im no Riley fan but hes as good as those guys. They also have a little garbage wretlong with Neco Bitcher Grizzly Redwood Jimmy Jacobs amd even Kevin Steen who os a great wrestler but also does hardcpre.

    • jessica

      Well….Alex Riley is an ass……he is hatefull…arrogant and believes he is owed something……his wrestling ability is slightly above average…..his looks are fading quickly……he has a terrible temper….he is a know it all……and a lier…..(my opinion)