Alex Riley Underwent Surgery Earlier This Week

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Alex Riley spoke out on his official Twitter account earlier today and revealed that he underwent surgery on his knee and elbow. The tweet is embedded below:

  • Joey

    Would anyone else notice have noticed he was gone?

    • Jim Starr

      Sadly, no. A still-could-be in the business. Has the looks just needs to improve and get some mic skills.
      Get better.

    • xosilverecho

      Actually yes, he has a great fanbase.

  • Hillbilly Jim

    Just doesn’t have the same cena appeal…..but hope you get well!!

  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    hope you have a speedy recovery A-RY and come back with a new gimmick and a push

  • Joey

    Almost all the live event results I read on wrestling sites, the person will talk about an Alex Riley match and say 'he got a good reaction from the crowd'. If he is getting reactions without even being on tv then image in creative actually gave him something for once. Even if he did reportedly speak put against Cena, he should still be given a chance. His theme music is great, I know he might not be that good in the ring. but if Cena is a 10 plus World Title Holder..than annything is possible. Not knocking Cena or Riley (with my first comment), as I am a very vocal Cena supporter, I see alot of his in-ring style back in 2002-04 in Riley in-ring style. If they were willing to give Cena a chance, Riley can do it. The guy (by the looks of Twitter) beats the company drum as loudly as any lower mid-carder can. Give him something to work with, and I'm sure he'll shine.

  • xosilverecho

    Now some people are irritated that Cena got the coverage on and Alex Riley didn't.

    I'm a fan of both but blaming Cena for everything … *rolls eyes*

  • Chopper

    Any body think rileys’ push has been held back due to him needin surgery?

    • Joey

      It's been reportedly nixed due to him lashing out at Cena for ribbing him.

      • xosilverecho

        Everyone that knows anything about Cena knows he doesn't do that crap…