Alex Riley's Push Derailed, Increasing Viewership, Future Of WWE Games, Former Stars Returning

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I heard that Alex Riley's push last year was ended because of a confrontation with John Cena, is this true?

There was an apparent situation several months ago where John Cena was playing a rib on Alex Riley and he got a little emotional over it but one can only speculate as to how much this had to do with his push. Riley was over but he had plenty of work to do to improve his in-ring work. He's been hampered by injuries lately but returned earlier this month and worked a dark match at Tuesday's WWE TV tapings.

Do you think ratings in WWE would go up if the company developed a new concept or match type that had a significant built to it?

There is no secret concept or superstar return that will instantaneously boost ratings. Sure, there are plenty of "quick fixes" but the most important thing in raising ratings is creating compelling television that people want to watch. WWE is expecting The Rock's return to give them a major boost in the early part of next year but it's up to them whether or not they'll be able to carry the momentum. There's a clear initiative in wrapping up the year in creating new stars hence four developmental workers being put in prominent roles on television.

What are WWE's future plans for their video game products given THQ filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection?

WWE said they anticipate that they will actively participate in THQ's bankruptcy filing. WWE is one of THQ's largest unsecured creditors and are owed $45 million so of course they will monitor it closely. It's too early to tell what will happen with WWE games although this isn't surprising news and there were plans to begin production on WWE '14 early next year.

You talked about The Boogeyman earlier in the week, what about the contract status of the other stars that popped up on this week's WWE Raw?

Ric Flair, Gene Okerlund, Tommy Dreamer and Ron Simmons all appeared on WWE Raw under per shot deals. Ricky Steamboat, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are WWE employees. WWE is expected to call in more names for their 20th Anniversary of Raw on 1/14 and let's not forget the possibility of a surprise in the Royal Rumble match.

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  • Dave Barton

    I really think alot of people are missing one big factor in the "low ratings" equation: The Internet. Between YouTube & dotcom, WWE is presenting (what amounts to be) an edited version of their tv shows, with all the highlights. Combine that with a newly 3 hour Raw, and alot of people who've been less than thrilled with WWE the past few years are likely to stop watching it on tv & just "get to the good parts" posted online.

    • Snap

      I think that's part of it, but another part would definitely be the quality of the writing. WWE pads out RAW with garbage and when we're lucky enough to get a match, there's a good bet it won't even be given four minutes. You get exceptions from time to time, but it's generally established stars who get the most time while the developing stars seem to be randomly getting squashed.

      Horrible writing (like, say… the Katie Vick story) will ultimately reduce in a ratings drop.

  • havoc525

    Rumble surprises SHOULD include Morrison and Benjamin. Between those two and Kofi, there could be some insanity in the match.

    • Woo Woo

      I wouldn't mind if they also got Mark Henry back. I'd love to see more surprises more often. We need more curveballs to end shows also. The Smackdown with Langston standing outside was so obvious and bad writing.

    • DJ

      There hasn’t been talks with Benjamin, only Morrision. But they haven’t gotten far. McMahon needs a long term commit from Morrision, but he doesn’t want that. (We could be talking like a 3-year stint, compared to 1 year.)

      • Jimmy

        Hopefully Christian and Jericho return aswell

  • Adam “Swipe”

    So, can WWE buy THQ? Like, is that a possibility now, like WCW?

    • Andy

      sure, it's possible… but why would a Wrestling company purchase a (large) video games company. THQ will be totally fine by the time their future games roll out next year. WWE '14 is totally unaffected by all this as THQ is only their publisher.

      • Adam “Swipe”

        Because they don’t want to be a wrestling company anymore, they want to be an entertainment company.

    • Michael

      Ubisoft will probably buy THQ.

      • Ant

        Yeah I saw an article saying Ubisoft might buy THQ or that they might just auction each license off individually like hostess did.

  • Alex Riley’s pecs look nasty. All fat and saggy especially on the bottom corners. That’s usually the result of steroid use and not enough lifting. Just thought I’d put that out there.

    • the arbiter

      People like you who say Alex Riley looks fat and saggy are one of the many reasons we have people with massive body issues on this planet.

    • JoMo12

      It’s also an old pic. Have you seen his default pic on Twitter? He’s had plenty of time away from the cameras to work out and it shows.

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Crossing my fingers and hoping shawn micheals or sting be a surprise entrants at the royal rumble.

    • Trist

      HBK is retired and Sting will still be with TNA in january.

    • KevMen



      I lol'd at this xD

  • Do you think Mark Henry or Chris Jericho will return some time in 2013

  • TG631

    They should do an NFL type sports bracket to increase build to the matches to make them worth more. Every match would count and I think it has been done in the past and went kinda under the radar. Brackets would be like the KOR were though even the first matches of the PPV ment something because you knew the next match would mean so much more for the wrestler to get a belt or #1 status. It would also add build to character development such as a wrestler never making it past the 1st round it would add more suspense for the near falls. There would be a tournament every month after a PPV so it would not stop a new wrestler from bursting on the scene and it would also mean more for Cena or Orton to get a belt shot because the viewer would feel they earned it. By doing that you get rid of the rematch clause for the belt and have it only be if a wrestler earns a title shot for Royal Rumble or WM or Survivor Series that they would get the rematch stipulation. I remember watching wrestling in the early 2000's when near falls mattered and got the audience into it more. We all loved them but they have been toned out and this would bring that feeling back. Doing matches in this format would allow the Rock or Lesnar to use there contracted days mean something so they just don't get a title shot at the biggest PPV's. This would get the Indy fans off there back when they book Rock VS Ziggler in a qualifier match or Lesnar VS Del Rio in a match of the same. The exposure would be great and the feel for these matches would be great if your a Ziggler fan and such . That is how you fix wrestling in one big area. I don't watch TNA but assumed they had a system like this if the copied everything from WCW lol. Happy Holidays Everyone.

  • TheAwesomeJames

    "and there were plans to begin production on WWE ’14 early next year."

    And this is the problem with the WWE games.

    All the big annual franchises, CoD, FIFA, Assassin's Creed, Need For Speed, they've all got, at least, a 2 year development cycle. EA, Activision and Ubisoft all have at least 2 teams working on each franchise, on separate titles. The effectts are clear to see, these games are at the top of the best sellers lists, and ratings lists, year on year. THQ give a WWE game 6 months, give or take, and tthat is why we see little in the way of changes from year to year, this is the reason why things don't improve as fans of the series would like, and ultimately (as this is an issue with THQ games across the board) this is why THQ have hit rock bottom. Their only exception to this might be the Sains Row games, but even then the last one was put out unfinished and required a MAJOR set of bug fixes before the game was even playable.