Alex Shelley Leaves Japan Beaten Down & Broken... And He Loved It

Alex Shelley has been working for New Japan Pro Wrestling since last September and he hasn't been doing much relaxing. Shelley Tweeted an impressive list of injuries/ailments he's sustained since beginning in NJPW in September 2012. The following is from Twitter:







  • Howard Stern

    Well I’m happy he feels that way.

  • jdl

    Alex Shelley needs to get his head examined… again, as I’m sure somewhere in that myriad of botches he required a head check.

    • BIG M

      They werent botches they work really stiff in Japan especially aganst non Japanese wrestlers.
      In the old days it was considered a given that if you could survive Japan you were going to make it big in the pro wrestling anywhere in the world.

  • _JIM_

    And he doesn’t consider himself to be tough? If Shelly needs to re-examine anything it’s how he feels about himself. Because he is one togh dude to still have the desire to keep working in Japan after all those serious injuries. Because I’m sure that’s just the beginning. Kind of curious what the list will look like after this tour.