Alex Shelley Officially Gone From TNA Wrestling

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Wrestling News World reader Fernando sent word that TNA has removed Alex Shelley's profile from their official website.

As we previously reported, Shelley's contract came up and he chose not to re-sign.

  • Brandon

    Welcome to WWE Alex Shelley. Hope you will used the right way…

  • Jordan

    Well done TNA management, not trying their best to keep one of their most over and technically advanced wrestlers, only a matter of time till Sabin leaves and the X Division continues its slow and painful demise

  • Aldo T

    I pity TNA.. I really do.

    I mean, come on.. They have such a great roster BEFORE Hogan and Bischoff came into play.

    And now, most of them might just give them the middle finger for turning their backs on home grown talent.

    As much as I hate to admit it.. It's only a matter of time before WWE has to step in and take control of company thats failing due to idiots.

  • unknown

    and to wwe he goes. hopefully vince doesn't under utilize him

  • Jim

    I think it's weird that Chris Sabin's contract expires at a different time than Shelly's did. Especially since they work as a team 99% of the time. Unless one or the other is injured. Bubba Ray and Devon's contracts always seemed to have the same time frames on them. So it just seems odd to me that the MCMG's wouldn't. But this is TNA we are talking about. So who knows what they are doing…

  • john hardy

    man i wish sabin and austin come to wwe . cruiserweight championship anyone ?