Alexander Rusev Squashes Xavier Woods & R-Truth

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Alexander Rusev squashed Xavier Woods and R-Truth in a 2-on-1 handicap match at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday night. Lana came out before Rusev and dedicated the match to Russian president Vladimir Putin, getting him the cheap heat.

Woods was taken out early and was a non-factor. Truth landed very little offense and was squashed with the sole purpose of helping get Rusev over as an unstoppable monster.

Below are my Tweets:

  • Tone

    I give it 3-4 months and he will turn into Vladimir Kozlov…..

    • kingdook24

      The main advantage Rusev has over Kozlov are two things:
      1) Lana
      2) Talent

    • K!NG

      trust me there is more to Rusev then you know about the guy is very agile for his size… reminds me a little bit of umaga

  • Ricky

    I see him going more in the direction of Umaga than Kozlov. Having Lana to help get him heat helps greatly. My main gripe is he kind of has a generic look about him, that could hurt in the long run.