All Mentions Of WWE NXT Removed From Official WWE Website

All mentions of WWE NXT have been removed from dot com. Based on the fact the revamped show is expected to take over Florida Championship Wrestling's timeslot on the Bright House Network, it doesn't look like there will be a way for fans to watch outside of the Florida market.

  • Logan_Walker

    Very Strange ….

  • The Breaker

    I thought they were going to air the NXT episodes taped at Full Sail University on dot com and YouTube staring tomorrow..?

    I was looking forward to watching the new season…William Regal and Jim Ross on commentary?! A focus on pure wrestling?!? YES! YES! YES!!!

    • Patrick_Peralta


  • dusty588

    I know that here in Canada, we got NXT up to last week. The new NXT is scheduled to air this week on theScore.

  • Howard Stern

    What is NXT?

    • Dangerous Lee

      It’s a show that nobody watches, yet everybody likes to complain about.

  • Blazeking