Almost 30 Former Stars Expected To Appear On 1000th Raw

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According to an interview Jerry Lawler did with The Baltimore Sun (recapped here), there are almost 30 former stars expected to appear on the 1000th episode of Raw. I have more details on major names at this link.

I can also confirm Road Warrior Animal and Diamond Dallas Page are in St. Louis, Missouri for the show. I cannot confirm whether or not they will appear.

  • Jordan

    I wonder if Damien Demento will be there. He appeared in the first Raw main event.

    • christopher525

      Nope, he already made a desperate attempt to get involved with WWE for some other "landmark" show a while back, he was just a stain in the dirty underwear of the industry, no need for him on this show.

  • Ken

    Let's hope that with so many stars and so much hype that they don't drop the ball. No amount of legends and glam can make up for poor writing over the long term. Three hours is a long, long time week after week after month after month, and the legends won't be appearing in droves every week.

  • Kleck

    Counting down the minutes. I’m stoked for the show tonight!

  • Charles

    30?! Good grief! Unless there is a battle royal that’s going to be hectic!

  • Livhay

    Battle royal would be good 🙂

  • dusty588

    Some names I think we could see tonight are: Charles Wright (The Godfather, Papa Shango), Steve Blackman, Scotty 2 Hotty, Molly Holly, Hardcore Holly. It'll be a good show I'm sure!

  • Michael413

    It would be epic if all the legends came out around the top of hour 3, and all hit a finisher on Cole, leaving the remaining hour an a bit, including the championship match for Lawler and JR to call

  • Mike L

    Heath Slater is gone fight the first ever Thirty On One Handicap Match.

  • Dougie

    Little idea popped into my mind there – battle royal of legends to decide next permanent GM?

  • Shawn

    Dougie ur a genius that’s an awsome idea that wwe might just have to rip off

  • Shawn

    Dougie ur a genius that’s an awsome idea that wwe might just have to rip off for tonight