Amy "Lita" Dumas Arrested In Georgia

Former WWE Diva Amy "Lita" Dumas was arrested Friday in Columbia County, Georgia. Dumas was cited for speeding and driving with a suspended license. Bond has been set at $2,200.

I have obtained a snippet of the arrest report that is listed at 12:40 AM on Friday.  It appears she has made bail and is no longer incarcerated.

Below is Lita's mug shot:

  • Patrick_Peralta

    What a brilliant move Lita, good job get yourself arrested for speeding and no license. you'd think she would know better.

    • HHHRedmonster

      Your making it sound like she wanted to get arrested. Your right she shouldn't of been driving with no license, but she obviously thought she could get away with it.

  • Tone

    make up works wonders!

  • kbunyon

    Actually I thought her mugshot looked better than most. Heck, look at Matt Hardy's recent mugshots!

    I do have to say I'm disappointed in her for this.


    • [email protected]

      you're disappointed in her? she'll die of grief when she finds out.

  • Straightedg3kid

    She looks alot different

  • Robbie

    Lita looks a hell of a lot different!

  • Jim

    Wowee! Make-up please! Of course she looks better than Matt Hardy and the other wfestlers

  • Jim

    I was saying she definitely looks better in her mug-shot than the other wrestlers as of late did. Those guys were all severely wasted when they had their shots taken. She was only speeding and had a suspended license. A little make-up wouldn’tve hurt her though…

  • Donna

    One thing to say; OMG!!!!

  • thatguy

    that is the meth face

  • Tab

    She looks Asif she’s lost weight on her face.
    Anyway at least she wasnt arrested for DUI. Or drugs like the Hardy’s.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Looks like all of Team Hardy has got criminal records now. At least she wasnt drinkn tho. and hey they do know how to drive down south, but no license? Damn baby, thats gangsta….