An Excerpt From TNA Memo On 'For Sale' Rumors, Corgan Reps Offer No Comment

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Our buddy Josh Stewart filed a report about the rumors that Billy Corgan is negotiating to purchase TNA Wrestling here on

TNA provided Newsday with a copy of the memo distributed to company employees via email last week. Alex Barie confirmed the memo told talent the company wasn't for sale and the Carter family was in it for the "long haul." The Newsday report added a quoted excerpt from the memo written by Panda Energy's Janice Carter (the mother of Dixie Carter):

“An unfortunate aspect of this business is that there are wrestling ‘reporters’ who consistently post ‘news stories’ without proper facts. I want to assure you these are just rumors and that I am committed to TNA and its future,” she added.

A spokesperson for Corgan told Newsday there was "no reason to comment on rumors" and that Billy was focused on Resistance Pro's upcoming 2nd anniversary show.

The rumor that Corgan was negotiating to purchase TNA was started over the weekend.

Click here for coverage by Newsday.

  • Grandiose

    No matter what Janice tries to say, when you actively make moves with multiple investors and have multiple in person talks with people, you can’t convince otherwise. It is more then just “newz” sites reporting on it, I understand you not wanting workers to worry about new ownership, but stop denying things that are happening..

    • Robert D Miller

      ok god are you people gullible and dense at the same time billy corgan isnt rich enough to buy tna lmao tna with its American market and its lucrative overseas market is worth around 100 million dollars and thats just the gross worth thats not including the d2d operating costs of running it on a global scale and I say this being a smashing pumpkins fanso with that in mind billy would have to have give or take about a quarter of a billion liquid to successfully purchase and run tna if he had that kind of money his promotion would not be a little indy blurb on the map

  • Jerihoar

    Oh she said it! Totally not gonna happen, because no one ever lies.