Andy Kaufman Alive?, WWE Inspired MLB Belt, Otunga Update, JR Remembers Eddie, R-Truth Recording With Cena

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- There's a weird story making rounds on Thursday that notes that the younger brother of Andy Kaufman, Michael, suggested his brother could have faked his 1984 death. While it's seemingly been debunked, CNN contacted Jerry Lawler for comment. Lawler told the network he didn't know any more than what's currently out there but said it could really be legit. Click here for coverage by CNN.

- Major League Baseball Tweeted a photo of a belt that was based on the new WWE title belt awarded to American League Cy Young Award Winner Max Scherzer. You can view it below:

- David Otunga is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine. You can view it below:

- Jim Ross remembered Eddie Guerrero in a new blog entry on his official website. Click here to read it.

- R-Truth is releasing a rap album inspired by Eminem and Tupac Shakur. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, who has released his own album, is also featured on the project. BANG Showbiz has the story at this link.

  • WyFo118

    Dear God. I dont want R-Truth to make an album. Please, just no.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Anyone remember when R-Truth was all angry at John Cena and WWE for stealing his idea for a rapping wrestler?

    • John

      It wasn’t an idea.. R-Truth used the rapping gimmick before Cena as K-Kwik and rightly or wrongly felt like Cena stole, or ripped off his gimmick.

  • TheD33j

    Richard, how has the Andy Kaufman rumors been debunked? Not saying I believe it, but haven’t seen the reports of it being debunked…