Angelina Love & Crimson Go Public With Real-Life Relationship

Angelina Love and Crimson have gone public with their real-life relationship. While we normally don't cover the personal lives of workers, a lot of people seem to be interested in this type of this thing. Since they've gone public, we decided it was worth recapping:

  • Hunter

    She should give him lessons on mic skills. She’s got them and he definitely doesn’t

  • Van

    Angelina & Crimson.Never saw that coming.

    • Shea

      Right? Haha I can kinda see it though

  • kbunyon

    There's a foot difference in their heights!

    Actually, I would like to see a picture of them together. I just can't picture it on my own.


  • MonstaHeel 450

    CrimsonLove? Yeah OK. This'll last.

  • Jessica

    Wow, this is so far from true people. It is interesting that you guys can take one tweet and announce a relationship! Haha! Im sure his actual girlfriend would agree!