- Kurt Angle didn't work Wednesday night's TNA live event in Dublin, Ireland but did a run-in in the Bobby Roode vs. Gunner match. Reports are out he was seen limping and didn't look good. His knee is bothering him and he was scheduled to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery on January 21, 2014, however, he rescheduled it to February 11, 2014 so he could make the overseas tour. Angle isn't being advertised for Lockdown because it's very unlikely he'll be ready.

- CM Punk walking out on WWE the day after the build to Wrestlemania XXX began is obviously the biggest story of the week. Everyone is searching for clues with a lot of misinformation out there. One thing we can confirm is that Punk had been frustrated with the lack of long-term planning in storylines in the company. The constant booking on the fly bothered Punk as he felt it made storylines harder for the viewer to follow. Punk was believed to be burned out mentally and physically. The word on Wednesday was that Vince McMahon hoped to work things out to turn everything into a worked shoot angle. As one observer told me, what other choice do they have?

- The plan going into the week was for TNA Wrestling to debut...

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