Announced For Next Week's WWE Raw - John Cena/Mark Henry, Big Rematch

Next week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw will feature WWE Champion John Cena "responding" to Mark Henry's attack on him.

Also announced, Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton.

The show will emanate from the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, SC. We'll have full coverage here at

  • Patrick

    round 3 of Orton vs Bryan…I hope Bryan wins and moves on..this is getting old all ready.

  • No No No…
    randy should be turn to heel….

  • Matt

    But Daniel is getting amazing work out of Randy.

    • Justin Lal

      Randy Orton does well with just about every wrestler.

      • jordan

        I think it will be Randy Orton Vs Daniel Bryan in a MITB Qualifying match

      • Matt

        Yea, if you like him. Which I don’t. Not even his personality. Hes a bore in the ring. Up there you said Randy needs “bigger and better” things… Like what? Bryan, like him or not, is over like roverr right now.

  • Robert Mills

    Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan again?

  • jordan

    It is like Big E Langston VS Alberto Del Rio all over again. They had loads of rematches against each other

  • Justin Lal

    I hope this feud ends on Monday. I want to see Orton move on to bigger and better things.

  • Sergio Ramos

    Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan in a MITB qualifying match. Daniel Bryan wins, Orton gets angry. RVD is announced as the last surprise entrant in the MITB match, Orton attacks RVD on his way to the ring, screw D Bryan and wins the briefcase himself setting up the RVD vs Orton feud up until Orton cashes in on Cena.

  • sunil kumar bhargava

    Thank you Mr. Richard Gray for the information