Announced For Smackdown, WWE's Return To Dallas, Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton?

- WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust will face Luke Harper & Erick Rowan on this week's episode of Smackdown. WWE will tape this week's Smackdown on Wednesday night from from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX. We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage from the taping right here at

- WWE will return to the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, the venue of this week's Monday Night Raw, on Sunday, March 16, 2014 for a live event. Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Kerri & Steven Anthony for passing this along.

- Paul Heyman Tweeted the following during Monday Night Raw:

  • Avalanchian

    Lesnar vs Orton would be amazing. Only if Lesnar won.

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      You cannot expect a guy who fights 3 times a year and appears for maybe a month or so continuously to hold the top title in the company. unless lesnar agrees to work atleast for 3-4 months continuously (which I highly doubt because that is why he left the WWE in the first place) there is absolutely no way he can become the champ.

      But a feud between orton and lesnar will be good 🙂

      • Xavier

        I’m still holding out hope for Lesnar/Bryan but Lesnar/Orton is intriguing as well

        • Ken

          A Lesnar/Orton title match can happen, no doubt. But there’s the aspect of turns. Both are clearly more effective as heels and I don’t see either of them turning for this match to happen. Then again, I’ve seeing stranger things so we’ll see.

      • monty

        actually with this new extension he signed recently, he works more dates and there are a some planned championships down the road

      • Avalanchian

        See you can go the route of Lesnar beating Orton. Then Lesnar and Heyman could talk about he’s beat the greatest champ according to Orton….then dong dong dong… Undertaker appears. Then you got your Lesnar vs Undertaker at WM. Taker wins and takes the WWE title with him to the grave. Leaving just the $50k belt. <– my demented mind.

      • Mysterion

        Didn’t The Rock do just that? And Lesnar apparently has a title reign in his contract. So it could easily happen.

        • Gary Robert

          damnit, i just posted that above you not seeing you had already said it, haha

      • Gary Robert

        I’m pretty sure Richard announced that Lesnar was to be given a title run as part of his new contract….unless I’m mistaken.

        • Stephen Cash

          That was just a rumor

      • Kris

        Actually Lesnar has one title reign in his contract so this is possible

        • Stephen Cash

          Jesse said it was only a rumor

      • BIG M

        Why can’t Lesner hold the title Rock did and worked less matches than Brock has since there respective returns.

        • Xavier

          They’ve both worked 5 matches since they returned to the company. From my understanding though Lesnar has a title reign clause in his contract I believe.

          • Stephen Cash

            Jesse said that was only a rumor

      • Ricky

        Why not Rock won the title from Punk at The Rumble last year. I would be open to Lesnar winning at Rumble then dropping it to someone else at Mania.

  • Gary Robert

    HBK vs. Punk at WM? Yes, please.

    • Mysterion

      HBK vs Bryan.

  • Tom Lee

    Orton vs lesnar !?!? Orton will lost and cry like baby !

  • GOR

    Wasnt Ortan supposed to feud with Punk for the title n Lesner with Taker for WM ?