Announcing WNW Mobile/Tablet Updates - New iPhone App Coming Soon

We are happy to announce new updates for mobile readers. Please take note of the following:

  • We have revamped the mobile version of where you can install us on the home page of your smart phone and/or tablet for easy access. This makes us just like an Application in that you can view the news straight from your device.
  • Readers are now able to signup for WNW Premium directly from their mobile device as we have made sure the entire process is mobile and tablet friendly. If you are a mobile reader that has been trying to signup, click here to do so now.
  • Existing Premium Members can now login on their mobile device and/or tablet at this link.
  • We are excited to announce we will be launching an all new iPhone App. Our existing App didn't fare well with the redesign so we are scrapping it in favor of the new one. The new App will be a complete overhaul and not an update to the current one. If you have the current App installed, please delete it and install the mobile version of on your home screen. We'll be making an announcement about the new App very soon.
  • Bigdaddychuck

    I can’t access premium Richard every time I do it takes me back to home page and there is no tech support on your iPhone app.. I am highly upset right now..

    • Richard Gray

      Once you log-in on your phone it redirects you to the main page and you will be able to see Premium content. No reason to be "highly upset."

      • Bigdaddychuck

        I am trying to buy it again as my month ran out and it won’t let me that’s why I am upset Richard

        • Richard Gray

          It won't let you? Get on your computer and log-in. Go to the Add/Renew page, select the plan you want and complete payment. You should be all set after that.

  • Lloyd clarke

    Android app too please?

    • Richard Gray

      At this time we do not have an Android app but you can install on your home screen and it is exactly like an App.

      • Lloyd clarke

        It’s already there 🙂

      • Thomasms16

        So is the iPhone app no longer going to be updated and functional?

        • The current App is going to be removed from the App Store.

  • Lee Wilson

    Hi Richard when will the new app be up and running cos I can’t live for long without this app lol

    • Richard Gray

      Lee we are working on the Apple approval now but in the meantime install WNW to your home screen. This functions exactly like the current App.

  • HugeRockStar

    I just wanna say I’ve been a premium member of other sites before and they were all so cluttered and not user or mobile friendly at all. This is by far the best wrestling news site I’ve seen, I view most of my news on an iPhone and it’s layed out very simple and quick here. Very happy with my premium membership so far. Thanks Richard and keep up the good work!

  • rodneythomson

    Iphone 5 optimized to take advantage of the larger screen????

    • Miles

      Slightly longer screen…shot apple think I’ll stick with my 4

  • outkazt09

    lol apple

  • Steve

    Windows phone? 🙁