Another Cryptic Video Link Appears On Raw

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During a match on Raw featuring Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox vs. The Bella Twins, a link to the YouTube channel "second2012" appeared briefly. Just like last week's video link, when one goes to the channel, a single video is featured. This one, also pointing toward January 2, 2012, is embedded in the video below:

  • GMW Sucks

    Still none the wiser haha. I'm absolutely loving these though.

    • AnoNyMouZ

      Kinda unpredictable, too many people related on these videos lol

  • Chase

    Its Y2J theres more videos like this leaked on youtube that seem to be real "itbegins2012" "itbeginsoon" "itbeginsagain" type those in on youtube and you should find the videos that im talking about they mke it pretty clear its chris jericho

    • Thomas M.

      The user that posted those videos even admits he was the one that made them.

  • Axel

    As people point out in the comments,it DOES wound like someone is saying Tombstone around 0:30 which would imply Undertaker,but dangit I miss Jericho :/ so going to keep hoping that there's a chancd that its him.

  • Lisa

    "There's a basketball! ITS BATISTA!" <— lol the youtube comment

  • Mat

    does anybody suspect the self proclaimed master and ruler of the world?

  • Matthew Guerrero

    Only two letters one number Y2J we he returned in 2008 it was in january and it was close to that day remember that and you will know!!!

  • Lisa

    Supposedly what the kid is saying is a quote from the bible about the demise of a city. One of the cities in the Bible is called Jericho…

  • Too Cool

    Jan. 2 raw in memphis therefore its grandmaster sexay

  • Haterade

    Jericho is too busy to return but it would indeed be cool

  • J2J

    Just a couple of thoughts…

    (Y)ear 2012 (2) (J)anuary.

    And Fozzy don’t have any more tour dates booked. Between now and then should be plenty of time to get back into shape.

    and yeah, if those other “leaked” videos are legit, it’s pretty obvious.

  • DX Fan 4 Life

    Is that when Taker is coming back?

  • Kanewty

    Just throwing this out there, but maybe its a swerve for Brodus Clay to debut while making everyone think it's someone else….I HIGHLY doubt it, but just a thought…kinda hoping its Jericho personally…..

  • H.M.

    I watched this video during the Bellas match. Didn't miss anything.

  • Jason

    Here is what I am getting. The "second" video and "Kane Videos" appear to be unrelated. There is a possibility that the "Second" video is a swerve to be someone other than Jericho to throw everyone for a loop to think it's him. However, the timing between the videos and him saying flat out that he is not returning (2 weeks before the videos started) are just too coincidental. No one had any suspicion to think he was coming back, so why would he just mention it out of the blue like that?

  • christopher525

    …are you scared?………{GONG}

  • Bradley

    Ummm…it's kind of simple. It's the return of Kain…as a monster, not as the unmasked kind, but the masked scary guy from years ago

  • Bradley

    Ha ha ha…Maybe it's Golddust, the comeback! LOL

  • Patrick_Peralta

    A Wrestling fan posted a comment under the youtube video and he believe's it's Jericho based on a song his band has done.

    here is the post from the Fan.

    This is what kid say "The power cometh is a thief in the night to claim what others have taken. Those who are unjust, destruction will come upon them and they shall not escape. The 2nd day of 2012 is coming and it shall be the end of the world as you know it."

    Fozzy Chris Jericho's band WormWood(End of the World) song, some lyrics:

    "The day of Judgment has arrived

    Only the blessed shall survive

    The second coming of Jesus Christ


    slby2j 30 minutes ago

    So the question is any truth to that statement? has anyone heared Jericho's music?

    I believe it's Undertaker do to the supernatural stuff in the mystery video.

  • Felix

    A YouTube commenter said, "The return of the Attitude Era" his reasoning was pretty legit. I pray to the heavens that that's it.

  • Denny

    I hope it's Jericho.

  • LukeT

    Get a premium membership to WNW, there's a post about this

  • Justin

    probably awsome kongs return

    • Jason

      Can't be. She will still be 8 months pregnant.

  • Vince McMahon

    undertaker and kane

  • JOE

    Its Skip Shefield in his new gimmick…well sort of new the gimmick he used in FCW "Ryback"

  • It's obvious Guys, The kid is writing in a book. We all know that Schools don't use books anymore they use "Computers".

    and then think "The power cometh is a thief in the night to claim what others have taken"

    Power that has been taken by others?

    It's simple….. 2nd January will see the return of The Mystery GM Computer… bleep bleep – Can I have your attention please….

  • jimprink

    It's Kharma! Remember what she said to the Bella Twins before leaving?

    • Jason

      Nope. Unless she miscarried or delivered early. She isn't due to deliver until February.

  • XxpunkxX

    "The power cometh is a thief in the night to claim what others have taken"

    Perhaps Jericho wants his title of "the best at what he does" to reign over "the best in the world."

    Fingers crossed for Jericho vs. Punk for the title at WM!

  • Bryan

    NO if you all remeber, it was played during the diva's match, so that can only mean that it is Krama coming back, if you recall earlier this year she took off not to long after she got started to have a baby……

    • Matt Scott

      And if you remember it was played during Jack Swagger vs. Sheamus last week.

    • Jason

      And if you know, women carry children for 9 months. She will be 8 months pregnant in January.

  • Jaryd

    I'm thinking they want it to be for Y2J but if he doesn't sign a contract they could easily make it for Undertaker.

  • Jay

    Its Zack Gowan or Maven !!!!

  • Tomas

    How does this fit together with Jericho's thing of always making a new start or doing something exeptional and new every time he comes back. He has done these videos every single time he has returned to the ring… It's gettin' old dude…. We've seen it already.

  • dpb

    Can't be Kong. She announced her "one year hiatus" on May 30, 2011. Jan 2 is just a hair over 7 months from that date.

  • Richie

    It can't be karma! The videos clearly say HE!

    • Bradley

      That doesn't mean it can't be Karma, (think about it)…LOL.

  • ram

    I think it will be the BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION! I can see it now. There is a cage match (last match of the night), and Mark Henry is in the match. All of a sudden the arena goes completely dark, then Kane's Fire starts shooting everywhere. Then it turns completely dark again. Then the lights turn on, and Kane is outside the cage door. As Mark Henry looks in shock, the 2012 video comes on…very cryptic. All of a sudden, the ring mat opens up and the Undertaker drags Mark under the ring. As this is going on Kane is laughing, raises his hands, then down as the fire shoots all over the place. The lights go back off…then a second later back on, and Kane, Undertaker and Mark Henry are gone, leaving Marks opponent waking up from being knocked out earlier, and wondering what happened….Then just when you think it's over, the screen comes on with the little boy sitting at his desk. He looks around, gets up and walks up to the camera, bends down and says…'There baaaaaaack!" Then the fog drifts out, the lightening of Undertaker starts going nuts…and then the fire of Kane shoots out, symbolizing the BROTHERS are BACK! That could end the show…Leave them wanting more!