Another TNA Release

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It turns out TNA Wrestling actually released Doug Williams. Williams, 40, had been working as a trainer at Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky and said some have speculated he was cut due to his age.

  • The Breaker

    TNA cutting someone due to age? Now that’s laughable.

  • Nostaljack

    You have got to be kidding me. Sting, Kurt Angle, and especially Hogan or darn near geriatric but you cut Williams? This wasn’t about age. Sting, Angle, and Hogan are real names. Williams isn’t. Few even know who he is. Sad but true. That’s what happens when you try to make a name for yourself in TNA.

    • GuyLandau

      I feel like it’s a combination of the two. He isn’t a known name, and at his age it’s too late to make him one so he was deemed expendable.

  • 1’s Wrath

    Bully Ray who’s the current World Champion is about to turn 42 and didn’t we just see Sting who is over 50 get his 100th title shot?

    Instead of focusing on developing his character more or even keeping him and Magnus as a team, even if it wasn’t on a long term basis they clearly didn’t want to see anyone make a name for themselves if they aren’t kissing Hogan’s ass so obviously it wasn’t worth the time making Williams a household name. Only diehards such as myself know how truly underrated he is. If Hogan see’s anyone as a threat to be a bigger name than himself, he’ll have them cut loose or just not work there. Just look how they passed up with hiring Adam Pearce who is has far more knowledge on where the industry is now and not living in the past like Hogan and his minions.

    Dixie has no mind of her own when it comes to the wrestling industry and is just a puppet that Hogan controls because she’s to blinded by her own ignorance. She only uses her parents money to keep TNA afloat. Without it, she’d just be another overspending fake ass hypocrite……wait she already is.

    Williams is still better than half the roster but yet they can keep most of the guys in that shitty A&8’s but they let him go? Where’s the justification? .Just shows the backwards mentality and lack of leadership they have over there. Sadly I’ll tune in to watch this weekly disaster and watch them kill themselves slowly despite how much talent they actually have. I know everyone is eager to watch how slutty Brooke and the majority of the women can dress to whore themselves out to the public while Hogan makes it seem that anything he does matter while undermining the TNA workers. All the while taking up air time that belongs to the ones who actually make a contribution to the company/show.