Another WWE Star Suffers A Concussion, Status For WWE Payback In Question

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Fandango suffered a concussion at last Tuesday's Smackdown taping in Uniondale, New York while working against Zack Ryder.

Dot com is reporting that he passed an ImPACT concussion test but has yet to pass further testing to gain medical clearance. This is why he was pulled from WWE live events this past weekend.

Obviously this puts his status for WWE Payback in question. Fandango is currently set to challenge for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at the pay-per-view on Sunday in a match that also involves The Miz and WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett.

  • Nostaljack

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Richard never attempts to type that word again with as much crap as he’s taken about that lately.

  • amaanakter

    Some people really have too much time on their hands if they are spending so much time correcting such a litle thing! Ah the IWC!

    • Batman

      How dare readers expect someone who reports wrestling news for a living to get an important term correct! Outrageous of them asking him to actually get the thing right!

      • amaanakter

        Give me a break its a minor spelling mistake did it change the main issue comimg out of the story?….NO! Stop reading into things so much god!

  • Chris

    Ryder tried to take the man out and steal his spot…