Antonio Cesaro Speaks, CM Punk On Why Raw Has Been Successful, New WWE Signing

- Antonio Cesaro remained in-character for an article promoting Saturday night’s WWE Raw live event in Ontario, California. Click here to read it.

- In promoting the 20th anniversary of WWE Raw, CM Punk explained why the show has remained successful:

“It’s successful because it changes with the times… It’s not just a wrestling show, it’s a complete spectacle.”

Click here to read all of Punk’s comments.

- Fox 12 Oregon has an article on WWE signing Oregon State University’s Clayton Jack to a three-year developmental contract. You can read it at this link.

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  • ou812

    “It’s successful because it changes with the times” What??? Hey CM Punk, check out the Raw ratings history and tell me how successful its been as the times have changed. The ratings in 2012 with the focus being on Punk, Sheamus, Ziggler, and Ryback have been their worst in 15 years (which back then WCW nitro had half or more of the fan base on monday nights) and the Rock shows up and the ratings are above a 3.0 for the first time in 4 months. And the Rock drew that rating against the BCS championship and the 3rd hour had the highest viewership so i guess we can’t blame football or the 3rd hour for the decline in viewership.

    • monty

      no doubt i am happy for these indie guys being successful but punk’s character has become stale

      i can’t believe i am about to say this but i miss the days when cena was the champ lol.

      all these guys hate the fact part timers are taking major rolse well y’all have 10-11 months to prove it to the company you can draw without the company having to spend millions just for part timers. its not our fault we rather have rock,foley,taker,.hhh come back on TV because that’s more excited than i deserve respect crap

      • Pluto

        I’ve always said that the WWE made a mistake in turning Punk into this chicken shit heel. It completely un does everything great about that epic promo tha we got from him in the summer of 2011. And that’s a real shame really. The WWE really seemed like it was onto something great with Punk and the overall direction/landscape of the company seemed like it was gonna change for the better but it just never happened. I don’t wanna say that punk as champ has been a flop but it hasn’t been as successful as many within the IWC think.

        • Jimmy

          So your saying CM Punks promo on the 20th Anniversary wasn’t an epic promo?

          • ou812

            No, He’s saying everything between the pipe bomb promo and the last 2 weeks with the Rock have been completely disappointing and downright forgettable. If the WWE didn’t turn punk heel and stick Heyman next to him and spend the past 6 months teasing a feud with The Rock and possibly Austin at Wrestlemania, Punk would’ve lost his title by now and been in a WWE films movie called ‘Almost Famous 2′ co starring the Miz. Let’s face it, Lesnar, who hasn’t been around in months is still seen as Heymans #1 guy.

          • Jimmy

            I’ll be honest, 2012 was probably CM Punks most boring year on the mic i’ll admit that, but he has done some epic promos in 2011 and will hopefully keep up the ones he’s doing now, at least until WM29. But basically saying that CM Punk is equivalent to The Miz is something that i don’t agree on. And how is lesnar still seen as heymans #1 guy? and im not being sarcastic i actually want to know because i fail to see it.

          • ou812

            i didn’t exactly say punk and miz were equivalent, I just don’t think punks “break out” year in 2012 was much better than the Miz’s “break out” year in 2011. I think the only reason he’s held the title till now was for his current feud with the Rock. And I actually have been pretty impressed with punk the last 2 weeks, problem is the only time he’s entertaining is in feuds with guys like The Rock, Cena, and HHH. And to answer your question about Lesnar, he has only wrestled twice this past year with the last time being way back in August and yet he’s the one alongside The Rock and Cena on the WM 29 promotional posters, not Punk who was champ for all of 2012. And when he returns who do you think will be Heymans top guy?

          • Jimmy

            Oh ok, i was actually asking because i didn’t know and haven’t seen any of the posters but yea obviously he will be Heyamans top guy when he’s back. He’s only with Punk right now to give himself a reason to be on Television. and i would say 2011 was Punks break out year but thats just my opinion.

          • Pluto

            No, nowhere near the promo he cut in 2011. You can only cut so many pipe bombs before it gets repetitive. If you pay close attention too his that promo from the anniversary show all he really did was contradict himself. I mean really, was the whole point of that promo too mock the process of the pipe bomb? A few times during that promo he would say something then laugh at the reaction too it. This whole promo didn’t really come off as a legit shoot. What made his promo in 2011 1000x better was the fact that it came off as completely spontanious and came out of nowhere, there was legit shock value too it, this promo didn’t have that, it came off kind of flat & forced. I’ve seen 100 Punk promos that were better. He had some great lines in their but overall neither Punk or The Rock did anything groundbreaking with their promos on that night. I enjoyed their segment a lot more this past week. It was short and straight to the point. Punk even started a brawl with the Rock which I though was great. That’s the Punk that I liked, the Punk who just didn’t give a shit, didn’t back down from anything and just goes out and takes destiny into his own hands.

          • Jimmy

            I know it wasn’t as good of a promo as the one in Vegas 2011. But it was a whole lot better than the stuff he did in 2012, and actually i did find it spontaneous because i thought he was gonna just diss The Rock but instead he came out and told the truth about his promo. I was extremely excited when i saw Punk run at The Rock but was the slightest bit let down when i saw no swings being taken, only faces being shoved and the dead crowd didn’t help it one bit. I would have liked it alot better if the crowd went crazy went CM Punk started running.

    • Jeff Ono

      CM Punk turned heel because his “Pipe Bomb” character was unrealistic. If you guys think that Vince would let Punk consistently bash WWE Corporate and kayfabe every week, then you’re delusional. Did you really think that CM Punk was going to bring about “change” …? It was a storyline, simply because there is legitimate frustration that a new era in sports entertainment has not yet arrived. But it’s not like Punk (or anyone in the IWC) was onto something sustainable. When that next big opportunity comes around, Vince will surely jump on it. In the meantime, quit bitchin’ about Cena-Rock … and how Ziggler never gets enough of a push … and how Daniel Bryan is being held back … and any other lame reasons why WWE has left you behind … enjoy the show, or get the ‘F’ out …

      • ou812

        Well said, I agree with you on every point.

  • disqus_lEraYbJKtA

    It was Ontario California. not Canada.

    • Richard Gray

      You know there are certain cities that I hate when WWE runs. Ontario, California is one of them as my fingers seem to always type Canada.

      • disqus_lEraYbJKtA

        i know. everytime I hear of a show in Ontario, I hope its in Californis and not Canada. I live 15 minutes away and work next door the the arena. well actually at the arena.