Antonio Cesaro's Unreal Feat Of Strength, How Much The "Phenom Edition" Of WWE 2K14 Costs

Antonio Cesaro's Unreal Feat of Strength

Antonio Cesaro's unreal feat of strength is on display in the latest episode of Behind the Match. You can watch now at this link or embedded in the video below:

Price of "Phenom Edition" of WWE 2K14

We've been asked about the price for the "Phenom Edition" of WWE 2K14. The game costs $99.99 and can be pre-ordered at this link.

  • Tna

    I would be nice if you realised there are other currencies besides dollars -how much is the phenom edition for the uk ?

    • Lrgetrout10

      If you click the link, the version being offered in the WWE shop is only usable on North American systems. Given that fact, it would be tough to say if the price would be the same for other regions, if this product is even offered there.

    • Ranveer

      well in India WWE 2k14 is 3,000 rupees. (the current exchange rate is US$1= Rs. 60)

  • Tim

    As much as I love the undertaker no wwe game is worth 100 bucks. Especially since they throw in a bogus disc, and since gta v and the ps4 is coming out

  • Casey

    I find it strange that the ps3 game says it only operates in north america, that would make it the only one like that I can think of, because ps3’s are not region specific.