AP Picks Up On TNA's Lawsuit Against WWE - Two Giants In The Wrestling World Are Getting Ready To Rumble

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- The Associated Press has picked up on TNA's lawsuit against WWE, so expect it to be popping up in the mainstream. Below is their article in its entirety:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Two giants in the wrestling world are getting ready to rumble - in a courtroom.

Nashville-based Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has sued World Wrestling Entertainment, accusing WWE of obtaining secret contract information in an attempt to poach TNA's wrestlers.

TNA's top wrestling talent includes veteran wrestler and actor Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. The company says in the lawsuit that WWE appears to have already tried to lure Flair and is pursuing TNA's other wrestlers.

An attorney for WWE denied the allegations. A message left for TNA's corporate counsel on Friday was not immediately returned.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Nashville this week, claims that a former TNA employee leaked secret information to WWE, which included the terms of the contracts TNA has with its wrestlers.

Armed with the secret contract information, TNA says its Connecticut-based competitor is now in a position to steal its wrestlers by offering better deals.

"The disclosure exposes TNA to potential liability with respect to its contract - WWE knows the details of TNA's contractual relationships with its wrestling talent, which could allow WWE to place itself in the right place, at the right time, with an offer to TNA's talent at just the right place," the lawsuit says.

Jerry McDevitt, WWE's longtime attorney, said WWE has not tried to lure Flair or any other wrestlers under contract with TNA.

The lawsuit claims that former TNA employee Brian Wittenstein went to work for WWE and then leaked the information.

A message left at a phone number listed for Wittenstein in Nashville was not immediately returned Friday.

He signed a contract with TNA saying he would not disclose any of the company's confidential information after his employment ended.

McDevitt said that WWE never asked Wittenstein to disclose the information and that the company fired him when he did. Furthermore, WWE told TNA officials about the breach and sent back the information Wittenstein leaked.

"To us, it's no good deed goes unpunished kind of thing," McDevitt said. "They sued us for doing the right thing."

Davidson County Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle has signed a restraining order barring WWE from using the information to solicit wrestlers from TNA and from interfering with any of its contracts. The order also bars WWE from destroying any of the information.

A hearing on the matter is set for June 11.

  • AnacondaVise

    "TNA says its Connecticut-based competitor is now in a position to steal its wrestlers by offering better deals."

    When have they not been in that position?

  • Dufus

    There's probably sneaky stuff going on from both sides.

  • Michael

    Haha. TWO wrestling Giants. Where is the second one?

    • Hardy

      Haha exactly what I was thinking! TN-who?

  • LLL

    Good luck winning TNA. You're gonna need it.

  • Dave Barton

    I wouldn’t call TNA a giant…a big dude maybe, but not a giant.

    • Michael

      More like an Angry Midget!

  • Stan smith

    I wonder how much of a ratings boost TNA will get from this story.

  • Philg

    This is when wwe squishes tna Permenantly

  • Khris

    Sounds like regardless if true or not TNA is trying to sue WWE to keep themselves from going under which will still happen as x-pac said WWE will own TNA library by the end of the decade

  • Brandon

    Expect for more lawsuits from TNA, not because WWE are going to steal the talents, but the talents in TNA are trying to jump from a sinking ship.

  • Hamon

    Tna is a waste of space they should be bought out by wwe and Wwe should go global having there own territories in different countries and move talent from country to country.

    Raw in America
    Smackdown in England
    Nitro in Australia
    Thunder in Japan
    Impact in India

    Wwe could take over the world by doing this!
    Each country has a roster of 30 the possibilities are endless.

  • Jon Benny

    Does anyone else think it be cool if wwe just bought TNA and had three shows again like w ECW

    • Michael

      Nope! Just you

  • YOu think you kow me

    lol tna will do anything just to get attention. They are so worried about what WWE does or anything relating to WWE they forget they have their own wrestling company to run

  • Craig Sayers

    Most of tna wrestlers are wwe originals anyway I say tna should invade wwe and wwe puts them out of business like they did to the ecw and wcw alliance

    • Michael

      None of them are WWE originals. Most of TNA is ex WCW or ECW stars who happend to land up north.