Are You Serious Bro? - Hulk Hogan Asked To Join Metallica & Turns Down Oscar-Nominated Film, A Hart Appalled Over A Farting Diva, Why You'd Still Ride With Kelly Kelly, Who Spiked JR's Coffee & If You Think You've Had A Bad Day...

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I don't know about you, but for me, it's been one of those Monday's. So if you're like me and need a laugh, I tried something new. Enjoy...

Did you hear Hulk Hogan claimed he was asked to join Metallica and turned down the lead role of "The Wrestler"? Could he be lying? Of course we all like it when worker's tell the truth. Remember when Ken Anderson decided to be honest and told us if he's still doing this in five years from now, just shoot him?

Natalya isn't worried about her flatulence and is more concerned about the money she spends on Louis Vuitton merchandise. Well, not only is Uncle Smith worried about it, he's down right appalled.

What the _________? That's been the most common reaction to The Great Khali's inclusion into the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship but what would your reaction be if you saw this at Walmart?

I hear Kelly Kelly has been ordered by a Florida judge to go to driving school for running red lights. While we didn't run this because the NEWZ sites had it as a lead story I thought it should be mentioned, Kelly Kelly isn't known for driving cars. She's known for sitting on them.

JR said someone spiked his coffee when he did this (0:18 mark) but hey, I love the guy and he's a loyal WNW reader.

... And finally, if you think you've had a bad day think about Zack Ryder. Not only did WWE steal his YouTube idea, they blew it up with 8 more shows and ribbed him by naming one "Are You Serious?" So to sum up one of those Monday's, we'll go to Ryder's Twitter who kindly wants to know, Um...#areyouseriousbro?!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I did like the fact WWE put Ryders show on their youtube channel .. I see it as they want ownership over it since it's popular on youtube.. so if in the future Ryder ever leaves WWE..he can't use it. I hope he didn't give up ownership of it.. he owns the show not them.

    • Moose666

      Ryder giving it up was probably a condition of him getting strapped. Maybe?

    • havoc525

      They can’t keep him from doing the show, if it ever happened he would just rename it.

  • kbunyon

    I'm tall for a female and I can reach the top shelf in the dairy case, but Khali is hunched and his head is still well above the top of the case! I know he's a big man, but that cart looks like a toy!