Arn Anderson Comments On His Appearance At Tonight's Smackdown Taping In South Carolina

WWE producer Arn Anderson spoke to The State out of South Carolina about appearing at tonight's Smackdown taping in Columbia. Anderson hasn't appeared in Columbia since his retirement speech in 1997 at a WCW Nitro taping. Below is a quote from The Enforcer:

“You have to expect some major announcements with those two on the show,” he said when referring to Triple H and John Cena. “I’m glad Columbia is the site for whatever they have planned. We will give the fans the best possible show possible.”

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  • eric

    I hope so

  • thomas lewis

    Their gona announce ric flairs return to wwe

  • _JIM_

    Double A should be used a lot more often. He’s one of the best talkers / performers in the history of the business. I always thought he would make a heck of a GM for RAW or Smackdown.

    • Topherrulez

      The truth will set us free! AA for GM! Let’s start the campaign!

  • James Lenhart

    I think Double A should be used in a manager role. I’d actually like to see him manage Michael McGillicutty, but they would have to let him use his real name. McGillicutty could go on a losing streak, then Arn approaches him, smacks him across the face , and tells him “You’re a Hennig, act like it”. He drops the MM name and Joe Hennig is reborn with “Double A” Arn Anderson as his manager to help build him up. A new star could be born….

    • nWo 4 Life

      Arn comes out and says he has been working behind the scenes for a few years and tonight will be the night he drops a bombshell…The Four Horseman are reborn and then calls out the members one by one with McGillicutty (Hennig), Ryback, Daniel Bryan and brings in the leader Ric Flair… AA being the manager

  • Darla

    Great idea James! AA has always been awesome on the mike – he could defintely give Hennig a boost, and probably WWE's ratings as well. However, in my opinion this would only work if AA could keep his classic no-BS personality and not be forced into yet another booty kissing, spineless, wimp-in-charge weakling character who lives in fear of Vince/Stephanie/HHH. How satisfying it would be to watch AA slap the taste out of Michael Cole's mouth….and Laurenitis' next. I'd probably start watching WWE again. The current version of RAW, a.k.a. the John Laurenitis/Michael Cole Show, simply isn't worth my time – I'd rather scrub my toilet.