Articulate WWE Immigration Debate Highlighted On The Daily Show With Mick Foley Appearance

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Zeb Colter was debated by Mick Foley and John Oliver on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Tuesday night. You can watch the segment in the video embedded below:



  • Justin Lal

    I thought Zeb actually appeared. What a waste of 6 minutes. If WWE had guts they would have a real debate on immigration with Zeb Cotler and JBL on one side and anyone else on the other side.

    • Richard

      Sorry to tell you Mark but it’s a storyline……. So relax

      • Justin Lal

        I realize its a storyline … but it would take guts by WWE to do a real debate about this issue within the storyline.

        • Richard

          Guts maybe but it wouldn’t be a smart move imo

          • Justin Lal

            If their goal was to get mainstream attention it would be a smart move. One of the main reasons why the Del rio-Swagger WM feud flopped so bad was because WWE didn’t put all their effort into the “immigration” aspect of the storyline. Look now, Alberto Del Rio is a heel. If WWE really wanted to do they could use him as heel in the immigration debate. That would take serious guts if they did that. I bet the crowds would be electric for that.

          • Batman

            You keep talking about “guts”. It’d take guts. As if that is anything to look to. It’d take guts to do a lot of things, doesn’t mean they should do them.