Ask WNW: Chicago's PPV Events, Changing PG Rating, Lana's Accent, Too Many Stipulations With Shane vs The Undertaker?

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Why does Chicago's Allstate Arena almost always host either Extreme Rules or Payback these days? The last that the Windy City hosted a WWE PPV that wasn't Extreme Rules or Payback was the 2011 Money In The Bank PPV which got rave reviews.


I couldn’t tell you if WWE has a specific reason for choosing those PPVs for Chicago or if it’s just a coincidence.  I will say that there is a chance the reason WWE doesn’t hold the bigger name events like WrestleMania or SummerSlam is because of the fanbase.  Chicago, like Brooklyn and Philadelphia, is well known for being a “smart crowd.”  WWE knows when they go into towns like this they have their work cut out for them and it’s going to be an uphill battle.  Fans in towns like Chicago have a very high standard for the business and will also loudly reject anything but the best.  WWE was in both Philadelphia and Brooklyn in the last several weeks, and when Roman Reigns appeared he was either booed out of the building or worse, the crowd was silent for him.  You can imagine where WWE wouldn’t want that sort of thing for a WrestleMania or SummerSlam.  Do I agree with it?  Absolutely not.  WWE should listen more to crowds like Chicago because they’re the passionate ones.  


Don't you think it's about time that Vince McMahon got rid of PG Television and went back to the way it was?  I mean their ratings are down and it's what the WWE fans want.


Yes and no.  I do think WWE should go back to PG-14 because it allows themselves more wiggle room.  At this point, WWE just uses the PG rating to grab more advertising dollars, but it doesn’t really hold them to a set of specific rules.  On the other hand, PG isn’t really an issue.  Yeah, we might see a little less blood and we won’t see any more bra and panty matches, but is that really a bad thing?  People, including myself in the past, have blamed the PG rating for WWE product being bad, but the truth is it’s just a scapegoat.  WCW was PG during the Monday Night Wars but no one noticed or complained because it wasn’t an issue.  WCW put on an entertaining product regardless of what their rating was.  The real issue is WWE’s paint-by-numbers, cookie cutter, predictable style of writing.  In the end, the PG rating is just something the fans want to point to and say, “This is the problem!  Get rid of it and things will get better!” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.      


Most people know that Lana really is an American from Florida, do you think WWE can eventually have her drop the Russian accent or do you think she has gotten so over with it, she has to keep it for as long as she works in WWE?

I actually disagree with you that most people know she’s an American from Florida.  I didn’t for a long time and unless you do your digging I can’t imagine most fans would find out.  Could she drop the accent eventually?  Maybe.  You can certainly ask Kofi Kingston if it’s possible and he’ll tell you yes.  I think the accent is good for Lana, it gives her something that sets her apart from the other Divas.  Women, like the guys, need something that makes them stand out to the fans so they’re remembered.  While Lana is certainly a gorgeous woman, she needs something to help her stand out amongst the other beautiful women.  In the future, she might be able to drop the accent, but I think it’s best she keeps it.  


Do you think WWE has ruined the Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker match with so many stipulations?

I don’t think the stipulations are what’s weighing down the Shane vs. Undertaker match, in fact, I think it’s what’s keeping it afloat.  I will say I wasn’t a fan of adding the stipulation that if The Undertaker loses it’ll be his last WrestleMania.  At least, not so late in the game.  Vince should have done almost immediately.  So many people questioned why The Undertaker would fight on behalf of Vince right away, but WWE waited until the last minute why to give Undertaker a reason to fight.  WWE should have announced the match, then the next week have Undertaker come out and refuse the match, only to have Vince tell Undertaker if he doesn’t win or doesn’t wrestle it’s his last WrestleMania.  It gives the fans a logical reason why Undertaker would be invested in this match.  I think the build to this match has been ruined by “shoot first ask questions later” booking.  Shane’s return was greeted by a truly epic pop from the crowd, but the momentum was killed by the announcement he’d be facing Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell.  From that point on fans were confused and needed a reason why Undertaker, a good guy, would work for Vince/The Authority who are the ultimate bad guys.  We waited and waited and it didn’t come until it was far too late.  

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  • David F

    WWE already dropped the ball with Lana with that terrible Ziggler and Rusev storyline and she ruined it when she announced her engagement to Rusev. WWE is better off just releasing Lana and Rusev and rest of LON

    • Gary Robert

      Yeah, release Sheamus, Del Rio, Rusev, Barret etc etc Anyone else they should just cut on an already thin at the top roster? I’ll call Vince and pass this gem along to him.

      • Avalanchian

        Well they could use Ziggler, Sandow, and many of the other very talented wrestlers they hold back because creative isn’t very….. creative

        • David F

          I would like to see Ziggler, Miz and Ryder as a stable. They are good friends in real life and Miz is one of the best talkers in WWE. Ziggler also needs change his character and this could help Ryder get more tv time

          • Gary Robert

            Well you got your Ryder push…which was unexpected.

        • ron

          They already are using ziggler everyone can’t be in the main event

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese


    • Zack

      Sheamus, Rusev and the LON may not be main event talents but we still need midcarders. I’m fine with Rusev and Sheamus being in the Intercontinental or US championship picture

      • David F

        I just wish JBL and Cole not try to compare LON to Four Horseman.

        • Zack

          Ugh God yes. That’d be like comparing Lita and Eva Marie because they both have red hair. Dumb.

    • ron

      And replace them with who? That knows the WWE style and can work their TV shows

  • Shady

    Even if Shane wins and its takers last mania. Shane will have the power to change the decision.

    • Zack

      Technically the logic is that Vince would still be “the man on top” because Shane only wants control of Raw. However, Vince then went on to say that he, Steph and Trips would all leave WWE if it happened so who the hell knows at this point lol

      • Jaryd

        I feel like they’ve just booked themselves into a dumb corner that makes it obvious Shane is gunna lose to be honest. i.e The other McMahons will leave the company/Taker’s career is over if he loses.
        It’s like when you randomly make a PPV singles match that features a champion a non-title match you know the champion is going to lose!

        • ron

          Whether or not Shane’s wins or loses comes down to if he wants to hang around for awhile. Nothing else. If he wins he is staying for at least 6 months or more . If he loses he will be gone again in a few weeks

      • ron

        And don’t act like they can’t change their minds a week late . Lol

  • Xavier

    Shane/Taker was such a bad idea from the word go, I could write a novel about that, I’ll try not too but here goes.

    The Vince/Shane power struggle stuff should of intertwined with Reigns/HHH. Taker literally has no business being within a billion solar systems of that feud.he hasn’t feuded or been involved with the Authority since they formed in 2013. Reigns has been feuding with the Authority for the past 5 months and Triple has a ton to gain or lose by Shane gaining control of RAW so it literally would of made a million times more sense for Reigns to represent Shane and for HHH to represent Vince and Stephanie in a match. Now not only is the title on the line but control of RAW is as well making the main event a pretty huge freaking deal.insert a Cena run in and a surprise heel turn and you’re looking at something pretty freaking epic. And with move Ambrose over onto Shane’s spot in a match against Taker and give Brock and Wyatt their match and Mania is literally so much better

    • Zack

      Putting Shane with Roman would have also practically forced the crowd to cheer for Reigns and boo Hunter. The one thing that could have possibly saved Roman/Hunter from being a disaster

      • Xavier

        For the brief few weeks that they had Roman universally over they could of easily brought back Shane then aswell to endorse Roman. Now WWE literally has two options with Roman now, have him over Triple H clean and hope that going forward hes grounded and comfortable enough in his own skin to handle hostile environments/backlash from fans the way Cena was in 06 or have Triple H go over Reigns clean and never again push him s a top guy rather it be face or heel. I honestly don’t think turning Reigns heel now does anything for him at this point. His critics still won’t like any better if he’s booked as a unstoppable monster heel.

        • Zack

          I think that turning him heel is the only way out of this. It’s a smart move for 2 major reasons. 1) If he does well, the fans stop hating Reigns and it develops his character and we might get another mega star in the end. 2) If it doesn’t do well, they’re already booing him, might as well go along with it. lol

          • Xavier

            As long as fans are okay with another 2-3 years of Cena as the top guy then it could work but I honestly think turning Reigns heel will go as well as Sheamus’ heel turn last year or Ryback’s heel turn in2012

          • Zack

            If they’re smart they turn Ambrose into the top babyface and have Reigns feud against him

          • ron

            Whomever they book as the top baby the fans or IWC will turn on them because of the way they book their top baby face to beat all odds. Besides Cena the only way to have a long career is to go back and forth. The best example is Punk. If he would have stayed. He would have had another 2 turns by now

        • Jim

          I think turning him heel would save him just buy reading his interviews you can see RR has got loads he wants to let of his chest. Giving him a platform where he can speak from the heart will definatley improve his charecter. Hes a pretty bad ass guy they need to let him be himself the way they let John cena be himself. Tbh the reason why vince/trip wont turn him heel is the same reason they wont turn cena heel. Why risk losing that support for a heel turn that isnt guaranteed to come off ? Personally i think it would work and its worth the risk.

  • Rachel Miller

    That might be why the WWE has never held the Royal Rumble in Chicago is because of possible backlash from the fans. Thoughts?

    • Zack

      It’s certainly possible, especially with the Royal Rumble being…let’s say “controversial” the last few years

  • Ben

    They should have had Taker come back later in the night after the match was announced and call out Vince. He tells Vince to shove it and refuses the match, even after the stipulation that if he loses- including by forfeit- that he’d be fired. Taker tells him he has nothing left to prove and would rather go home than do his dirty work. Shane comes out and starts taunting Taker, that he’s not afraid to fight and isn’t afraid of him. Taker beats the life out of Shane until Sting comes out and makes the save. Sting and Taker have a staredown to end the show. The following week, it’s revealed Shane won’t be medically cleared to compete and wants Sting to wrestle in his place. Taker interrupts and tells Vince to shut up, because he still won’t wrestle for Vince, no matter who the opponent is. Sting comes out and tells Taker to forget the McMahons: this is about them. Sting walks up to Taker while listing Taker’s accomplishments, then gets face to face to tell him the only reason he became a star was that he left WCW to avoid Sting’s shadow. Taker is infuriated and the two exchange blows. Sting his a Scorpion Death Drop and goes up to Vince, but Taker sits up behind him. Taker Chokeslams and Tombstones Sting twice. After this display of dominance and realizing he needs Taker to wrestle for him, Vince agrees to Sting vs. Taker in Hell in a Cell with Shane in Sting’s corner and Vince in Taker’s.

    This puts together the “dream match” that seemingly everyone but me wants to see and adds star power to the WM 32 card. It’s probably a bit convoluted, but still better than the current absurd storyline.

    • ikon

      Except Sting has the possibility of being permanently paralyzed if he wrestles again thats an even bigger possibility in a match like HIAC.

      • Snap

        Yeah, I find it baffling that people just cannot accept that Sting will most likely never compete in a WWE ring again. The injury he has is the same injury which forced Edge to retire as he would never be medically cleared to compete again.

        It stuff like that, more than ever, which makes me glad the fans aren’t the ones booking the shows. The sad thing is, people are so in love with their own ideas that they don’t realize that it would end up just as bad, if not worse, than what we’re currently seeing on TV.

        • ron

          I got some ideas on new endings for the Wizard of Oz… like JR always says in his blog “wish people would just sit back and enjoy the performanice for what it is and not play fantasy booking

  • Jay El Bee

    Did the person that asked about the TV rating not realize that other Raw for about 10 years and the short lived ECW show all WWE programming has been PG. Even Smackdown other than maybe a few shows here or there has always been PG.

  • Jim

    Undertaker vs shane needs a john cena or serh rollins apearance to save it. Whichever way the match ends the fans wont be happy. So they need something that will get the fans distracted. As for PG i think its totally fine the way it is. But the fact people ask the question should give wwe a clue that theres a problem. The product is bland and thats down to laziness which stems from there being no competition in the industry. If it wasnt for wcw i dont think wwe would exsist today.

  • Mike Brailsford

    American Lana maybe but she is a lot more qualified to use a such an accent, having lived in Latvia then in the former USSR than the ‘Russian’ performers that littered the 70s and 80s.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I did not know Lana was from Florida. Great job on the accent she certainly pulls that off well