Assumption Of Risk/Release Of Liability In TNA, Jake Roberts Acting

Assumption of Risk/Release of Liability

Jesse Sorensen Tweeted a copy of TNA Wrestling's Assumption of Risk/Release of Liability form on Twitter. You can view it at this link.

Jake Roberts Acting

Jake Roberts will appear in a Kickstarter funded film called "Heavy Water." You can read coverage of it by ABC News at this link. (Thanks to WNW reader Jake Siem for sending this in.)

  • Robert Olley

    While i dont agree that tna shpuld have released him after breaking his neck for them posting things like this isnt a very adult way of things to go. It reminds me of that nxt wrestler whos trying to sell hos copy of the contract. If jesse proves he can work in tampa then tna may sign him again but posting photos of risk/release forms isnt a good move imo.

  • michael

    Reminds me when Gregory Helms broke his neck on WWE. WWE kept him long enough to where he was able to pay them back for surgery.That’s just the nature of the beast in wrestling. Remember these are independent contractors. They know the full risk of the dangers in the ring.