AT&T U-verse Not Carrying WWE Extreme Rules

Wrestling News World reader Jorge Romero was informed by AT&T U-verse they will not be carrying WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday. Romero linked us to the schedule that you can view at this link.

Neither DirectTV nor Dish Network plan to carry the show either, this in response to WWE including the show at a cheaper price on WWE Network.

  • David

    At least with a service like AT&T I can understand the reasoning behind them choosing not to carry out. Not that I agree with it, but since their U-Verse service provides high speed internet as part of their service their subscribers are more likely to be able to have unrestricted access to the WWE Network. Dish and Directv completely shoot themselves in the foot. While I don’t have the numbers, I assume that a large portion of their subscribers either don’t have high speed internet access, or if they do it’s restricted to the amount they can use in a month, making it difficult to stream video like the WWE Network on a continuous basis. It’s not like people in an area covered by cable often choose to have TV service via Dish or Directv with internet through a cable provider? Directv and Dish HAVE to realize this if I do right? They have to be trying to renegotiate the rights fees with WWE. The problem is that it’s too early into the network to determine how much effect it has on Dish and Directv PPV orders. They need to give it at least 2 or 3 “B show” PPV events to figure out how much they lose out on orders. I do think that Dish and Directv probably do have the right to ask to renegotiate due to the effect of the network on orders – it’s just too early to figure out what’s reasonable and they choose to alienate their own subscribers in the process.

    • Steve pritchard

      Direct tv offers AT&T u verse internet as a bundle. I have both . This isn’t surprising . Comcast is the only one carrying it , because of they’re partnership/ownership of nbc universal. There was news also that the Feds are working to pass a law where internet providers like ” cough cough” Comcast can charge streaming services like wwe network, netflix , more money to use they’re internet speeds. Which means streaming services will have to charge they’re customers more. Don’t know if these things have any thing to do with one another. But it’s real interesting that these things have come to light almost at the same time. Comcast is pulling all the stops to keep people from switching. They’ve lost a lot of customers over the past few years. Me being one of them. But yeah just because people have satellite does not mean they don’t have high speed internet. It means we don’t use comcast high speed internet. There’s other options .

      • david

        I understand what you’re saying but your situation isn’t the same as a lot of people. There are people in more rural areas that don’t have options like U-Verse internet or cable internet. Some people access high speed internet through services that may have a cap on the amount of data they can use rendering a streaming service ineffective. Those people who don’t have access to high speed internet through something like U-Verse or cable, who have high speed internet through other sources which cap data are MUCH more likely to use Dish or Directv. This is where they shoot themselves in the foot. At the very least they should have held off on eliminating the option while they evaluated what exactly the effect of the network would have on the number of buys.

        I understand there are options for high speed internet – I’m just saying that not all of those options allow for unrestricted access that would be required to stream video on an ongoing basis. Those people that are in that situation are more likely to have Dish or Directv and thus are the ones who are getting screwed.

        Also if you look on the Extreme Rules website a large majority of the other cable providers outside of Comcast are carrying the PPV. Also Verizon Fios is carrying it as well.

        • Steve pritchard

          Actually verizon fios is powered by comcast. But what I was saying was this was the effect we knew the network would bring. It opened a Pandora’s box . There’s no reason for satellite or cable providers to broadcast a ppv for 50 $ . When the vast majority will most likely be watching on the network. This sucks for those in rural areas , but there’s options for them as well. Like Hughes net. This is why big cable and satellite company’s were concerned with the network launch . The digital age is truly here. IMO the end of cable and satellite tv as we know it.

          • anonymous

            Hughes net has limits on data use. And Verizon Fios has nothing to do with comcast and is certainly not powered by them. That’s kind of ridiculous!

          • Steve pritchard

            Kind of ridiculous. I’m looking at the app on my xbox. It says powered by comcast in big letters. How is it ridiculous ? Do you know all the different companies comcast has ownership or is partnered with? They basically have cable tv monopolized. I know plenty of people who use Hughes net for streaming services like netflix or wwe network . I live in rural Georgia myself . Pretty much all providers are here. Your options become less the further you go in the mountains but there’s still high speed internet. I’m not saying that’s the case every where . All I’ve been saying is cable and satellite tv are on they’re way out.WWE network was the beginning of this . Give it time . Netflix was nothing when it first came out . And now it’s slowly taking over as people’s main media entertainment source. Other tv networks will follow the same paths in time.

          • anonymous

            Verizon Fios is completely independent of Comcast. They are competing service providers. Verizon Fios is not an app like Netflix or Hulu. They have an app similar to how other providers do so their subscribers can access live streaming channels on other devices. Verizon built out completely new and independent networks of fiber optic cable in many areas where Comcast had a monopoly. Comcast calls their service Xfinity. Verizon negotiates their carriage on their own and they are a competitor to Comcast. To use the Fios app you have to be a Fios subscriber. They have nothing to do with Comcast.

          • Steve pritchard

            I stand corrected ! It’s not powered by comcast . But the app uses the comcast network . Like netflix, hulu etc. which explains how they get to carry the ppv. Comcast owns nbc universal . NBC is the official broadcaster of raw and smack down. Syfy is also owned by NBC . Verizon fios probably is carrying it due to they’re obvious partnership with comcast . What I’m getting too is people are lashing out at direct tv and att u verse . When comcast has just as much blame in this as anybody . Love they’re internet speeds “when it actually worked”. But IMO they hold the public back from cheaper and more efficient tv and internet.

    • Steve pritchard

      They’re not alienating they’re customers IMO. Why would you pay 50 to 69$ for ppv .? When you can stream it for 9$ a month. Sounds like a no brainer to me. Most people have high speed internet now. Just because they don’t use comcast , does not mean they don’t have high speed internet. If Comcast didn’t have partnership with wwe . Because they own nbc universal. Comcast would not be carrying it either I assure you. This is where they made history with the wwe network . They opened a Pandora’s box when they went live with it . Possibly the end of cable tv as we know it.

  • The worst part about these companies dropping the PPVs from their schedule, besides the customers being screwed, is that they lie about their reasoning and say they are “looking out for their customers”. After the news broke last night I went to Dish Network’s Facebook page and posed as a DISH Network customer just to see what they would say when I asked them about it. Got the same ol’ run around about how it’s WWE’s fault and they are looking out for me. (I’m actually a Bright House Networks cable customer, who have Extreme Rules on their schedule as of this writing. And I have WWE Network.)

    Here is that post:

  • I have Comcast and I am so glad for the WWE Network. I ordered Elimination Chamber this year and TNA Sacrifice this past Sunday. Both events were nothing but laggy and frozen. This lead to me complaining for not being able to watch and get a refund. If a PPV is going to lag, why not get it for cheaper? WWE Network had better quality of Mania than I ever got on Comcast. I know it’s extra income any chance they can get being on cable/satellite providers, but with them cutting WWE PPV’s one by one, we’re not really at a loss. They are.

  • Because they childishly stomped their feet about not having a monopoly anymore and screwed their customers out of choosing what they want.

    • Nothing alike. This is about what consumers want. Consumers want to choose whether they buy WWE Network or stick with the traditional PPV model. That’s their choice to make, not the TV providers to force their hand at.

      And I’ll humor your business argument for a moment. It’s bad business, instead of trying to out do the WWE Network, they hand WWE Network further subscribers on a silver platter and lose all WWE PPV related money instead of just some.