Attention Readers In The LA Area - Help The Miz & Maryse Find Their Dog

Attention anyone reading in the Los Angeles area, the dog of The Miz and Maryse got loose and is missing. Miz Tweeted the following and is asking for your help:


  • mm

    10000 for a dog ?????

  • Dinosaur

    I’ll help her find her cat..?

    • DT78

      Lol find her cat….

  • Tyler Bowles

    Really? Really?? Really???

  • Ken

    If I lived in the LA area I'd help Maryse do anything. The Miz, not so much, but since they come as a pair these days I wouldn't have much choice. Maryse though, she'd have a straight up body servant for life if I lived in the LA area.
    Sadly I don't.


    Flake?…really?…really?…really? What kind of name is Flake? LOL

  • JusTice

    Kudo's to that dog who was fed up wearing stupid dog gear and getting its nails done… he escaped to FREEDOM…go doggie, go

  • Kevin

    Wait! Miz and Maryse's dog? So the Miz and Maryse are an item? When did that happen? I haven't been under a rock or anything, so when did I miss this little get together?