Audio Issues At WWE Live Event, Christian Returns, Developmental Workers On The Road With Main WWE Roster

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- There were audio issues at last night's Smackdown live event in Asheville, North Carolina. The sound was inaudible during a Kane promo that aired on the screen as well as the entrance of The Uso's.

- Speaking of last night's Smackdown live event, Christian returned in a match where he went over Yoshi Tatsu. He was advertised locally in the show's main event in a triple threat against Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship but was replaced by Alberto Del Rio.

- Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris are on the road with WWE this weekend, with Rotundo working Smackdown shows and Harris working Raw shows. Harris debuted as Bray Wyatt where he wore a tropical print shirt and straw hat over black sweats.

  • Logan_Walker

    Husky Harris has been debuted as Bray Wyatt in FCW and he was with Eli Cottonwood, but im not sure if he was there at the live event

    • Chris

      If I didn't know who it was, I like the Bray Wyatt character.

  • Ricky

    Should just give Husky Harris the Duke Rotundo character, team him with his brother Bo and make them a tag team

  • assdasd

    although the wwe needs tag teams. the rotundo brothers would better be singles right now since duke/husky's new gimmick (bray wyatt) is a good one. mix of max caddy from cape fear with some cult leader type. maybe have them team up when wyatt turns face and acknowledge them as brothers in the future.

  • El Diablo

    Bray Wyatt is a new version of one of my favorite gimmicks of the 90's that everyone seems to forget. Waylon Mercy.