Austin Aries Issues Statement; Renee Young Comments On Talking Smack

Aries issues statement

Austin Aries took to social media on Friday to issue a longer statement following his release from WWE a week ago:

Renee Young is disappointed

News broke today that Talking Smack has been cancelled as a weekly program. Co-host Renee Young wasn't pleased with the news, and tweeted the following:

  • Monumentally foolish decision to move “Talking Smack” to PPV’s only. So many of us looked forward to it and it was absolutely the best show in WWE – even better than the show it was attached to. There are multiple petitions on change dot org. I signed all of them (not that it matters). The stupidity of WWE seemingly knows no bounds.

  • BlazeKing


    This stupid business model is shooting WWE in the foot. Talking Smack is more popular than Raw Talk, which is attached to our “flagship” show? Kill it as a weekly thing so we can keep Raw looking strong!!!

    They’re going to make Renee Young want to leave…