Austin Aries Responds To Christy Hemme? Vote - Work Or Shoot?

While I'm inclined to believe this is more of a work, Austin Aries has pseudo responded to Christy Hemme Tweeting that his actions on Impact Wrestling were "unacceptable." Aries Tweeted:

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  • I don’t know why she would be upset. I am sure that was not the first time she had a TNA wrestlers balls in her face. 😛 In all seriousness I thought what he did was a good in character reaction to her mistake. I don’t think she would be mad. Wrestlers and others in the business mess with each other all the time and do not take each other too seriously, it is just not usually on live TV.

  • Ive just watched in (in the uk) and she seemed to be laughing when he was in her face and on the tuenbuckle so i think its a work by both parties maybe to cause friction between aries and roode

  • Aries is such a jerk I can see its a shoot. He’s a d*ck to his followers. Then theres what he said about the Boston bombings, he’s lost a fan

    • nick

      awww he raised questions about a news event thats pretty questionable…what are you two years old?

  • makyostar55

    Pretty NUTS
    some of the JUNK
    get the BALLS to say
    time to SACK out
    Seems like a joke to me.

  • Razmos

    Did anyone else notice his initials spell AHA

  • AK-1138

    Methinks WWE dodged a bullet with this particular ROH alum.